Force Friday Midnight Madness Wrap-up

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Published on: September 4, 2015

Force Friday Giveaways

There is a ton of news to get to today but first up we wanted to post about the midnight openings last night and what we found, but mostly what we didn’t.


We stopped at the Toys-R-Us store in Big Flats, NY around 10:30. There were only 10 people in line so we caught up on Twitter for an hour before queuing up.  We could see from the window that the Lego sets were being stocked and there was a nice assortment of Disney Infinity 3.0 stuff just inside the front door.  They opened right at midnight and told us that most of the toys were in the back aisle where the Star Wars toys are normally housed.

There were approximately two dozen people in line when the store opened and everyone was handed a Lego brick and a Kylo Ren poster as they entered.  We made our way back to the toy aisle and as we got there the Toys-R-Us employees actually apologized to us and told us that there was not a lot of stock available but everything they were sent was on the shelf.

The store only had about two or three cases of the basic 3.75″ figures and they went pretty quickly to the first couple of people through the door.  We saw maybe two cases worth of the Armor figures and there were no Mission Series 2-packs at all.  Hero Mashers were on the pegs and some of the vehicles were available, including the Snowspeeder, TIE Fighter and Poe’s X-Wing. If there were other vehicles we missed them or they were picked up before we got to the aisle.

The big draw were the 6″ Black Series and the pegs were cleared in minutes, there couldn’t have been more than 2 cases worth available.  The 12″ figures were available along with role play lightsabers and masks.  The Micro Machines were stocked but we didn’t see any of the blind bags.  Black Series Titaniums were on the shelf as were the Hot Wheels ship 2-packs but we didn’t see any of the single ships or character cars but after being disappointed in the action figure offerings, didn’t look around the store to see if they were stocked in the Hot Wheels aisle and not with the action figures.

There were some plush toys, including a BB-8 that “talks,” and some miscellaneous other items that we didn’t pay much attention to.  We don’t recall seeing the Battle Action Millennium Falcon but they did have the new walking AT-AT.

Because there wasn’t much stock on the pegs, and most of what we were interested in wasn’t available, other than the free items, the only thing we picked up was the Lego Rey’s Speeder (#75099).


After Toys-R-Us, we stopped at two Walmart stores. The first was also in Big Flats and they had their “train” of pallet displays set up along with a table of cupcakes, Topps Connexions packs and buttons which were all free.  The selection was mostly the same as Toys-R-Us on the Hasbro front with the 3.75″ figures, Armor and 6″ Black Series all present. The Titanium Black Series vehicles were stocked as were the small 3-packs of Micro Machines. They had a display of single Hot Wheels ships with some re-packs mixed in with the new The Force Awakens Millennium Falcon and TIE Fighter.

There were plenty of role play lightsabers but they were the $10 variety.  Some of the new Lego sets were on the display as well, including Rey’s Speeder and the new buildable figures which included Jango Fett, Commander Cody and a couple of others. We later spotted the new TIE Fighter #75101 and Poe’s X-Wing #75102 sets in the main Lego aisle. They were next to the First Order Transporter #75103 but we didn’t see the new Millennium Falcon or Kylo Ren’s Command Shuttle #75104.

The main toy aisle for action figures was still being set at this store but they did have Rey’s Speeder w/ Rey and the Y-Wing with Kanan vehicle sets by Hasbro.  There were a few more 3.75″ figures on the pegs and some Micro Machines but the set was still in progress.

Since the prices were cheaper at Walmart, we picked up Hasbro’s version of Rey’s speeder along with single carded Kylo Ren and Rey figures plus a Micro Machines set that had the Republic Gunship in it.

Finally, we stopped at our local Walmart, mostly because we had to drive past it to get home. They had their aisle train set but it was the same as we’d seen at the previous store, minus the free swag.  It didn’t look like they’d had much of a turnout as there appeared to be at least a full set of the basic 3.75″ figures left on the display. There was at least one of each Black Series 6″ figure as well. The Hot Wheels ships were untouched and while it looked as though someone had gone through the Black Series Titanium ships, there were still multiples of each.

Best Buy

Our best pickup of the day will probably be the new Sphero BB-8 remote control droid. While we didn’t see him in person at the stores last night, he was available to order for store pickup this morning. He’s currently waiting for us to hit our lunch break. We’ll be sure to have some pics and video of him later.


We went to the midnight Force Friday events mostly for the experience but were interested in some of the Hasbro 2-packs and Hot Wheels character cars. Apparently none of which were released last night.  It was very disappointing to see how little stock Toys-R-Us had that they weren’t even able to meet the needs of about 30 people. The TRU staff was very friendly, however, and the fans that attended all seemed happy to be out even if they didn’t find everything they were interested in.

The trip to the first Walmart was just as fun because who doesn’t like free cupcakes at 1:00am?  We didn’t go running around either store looking for clothing or water bottles and that type of thing, there will be plenty of time for that later.  Later this morning we’ll be at Target and Best Buy, both trip should be quieter.

We’re glad we participated in Force Friday but on the collecting front it feels as if it fell behind previous events. There are a lot of toys and collectibles still on the way and that should keep us buzzing until The Force Awakens opens in December.

Sphero BB-8 Commercial Shows the Droid You’re Looking For

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Published on: September 3, 2015

When it was announced that the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens droid, BB-8, was an actual droid and not CGI, it was also announced that Sphero was the company behind the technology that made it possible.  Sphero has two app enabled products, Sphero and Ollie, which can be controlled by a smartphone or tablet. These rolling robots can be programmed to carry out instructions, roll around and explore on their own or controlled via a Bluetooth enabled device.

Now, with the Force Friday launch of new Star Wars toys and collectibles, we can look forward to having our very own BB-8 droids!  Sphero posted a new video showing off the features of BB-8.  The droid will be available beginning tomorrow and should retail for $149.99. The app to control BB-8 currently runs on newer generation iPhone and iPads and Android devices with Android 4.4.2 and newer.  A Windows app will be available after launch.

Check out the video below and be sure to head over to the Sphero website for all the updates on BB-8 and their other products.

Force Friday Toy and Collectible Checklist

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Published on: September 2, 2015

We were working on putting together a checklist of items that should be available for this week’s Force Friday event, but it looks like we don’t have to.  Several websites, including Idle HandsBoba Fett Fan Club, Jedi NewsJedi Temple ArchivesMint In BoxStar Wars Action NewsTeekay-421, and, joined together to do all the hard work.

Their checklist covers mostly Hasbro releases but also includes items by Lego, Jaaks Pacific, Hot Wheels, Funko, and Spin Master.  You can also throw in the Sphero BB-8 remote control droid that’s been spotted at Best Buy.

The list isn’t comprehensive and doesn’t include things such as clothing, kitchen and bathroom items, posters, books and other types of items. And since things were compiled from leaked price lists, photos and early store finds, there may be things on the list not available this week also.  Still, it’s a heck of a list and the sites did an excellent job of piecing all the information together.

A Look at Force Friday Retailers: Who should be on your shopping list?

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Published on: September 1, 2015

Star Wars Force Friday 2015

Friday, September 4th, has been designate ‘Force Friday’ and it will be the debut for the new The Force Awakens toys, apparel and collectibles. The launch includes midnight openings for Toys-R-Us and select Target stores along with 24 hour Walmart stores. It will be the first official look at the Hasbro toys even though leaks have been occurring for the past week or more.

Not all details on the individual stores have been released, and we have yet to see any type of checklist to give us an idea of exactly what will be available during Force Friday, although we do have a general idea based on the leaks, a Hasbro catalog that was posted online and from a few advertisement announcements. Below we have a basic list of the stores that are participating, in some way, in the Force Friday event. We’ve listed exclusives, discounts, coupons and other information where we have it. In a separate post we’ll list the Hasbro items that were included in the catalog and that we’re assuming will be available. We also have a list of Lego sets and know that there are Funko POP! figures coming, some of which are exclusives.

One of the more anticipated toys will be the Sphero BB-8 remote control droid. We’ve seen mixed info on this with some rumors pointing to it being a Best Buy exclusive but we’ve seen nothing from Best Buy, or Sphero, to confirm this. The price is reportedly $149.99 and it should be available on Friday, we’re just not sure where just yet.

Force Friday is such a large event that other stores are bound to be participating in some way.  Keep an eye on your favorite retailer’s website and in-store advertising.


Amazon carries many of the same toys as the retail stores listed below but they will have an exclusive Funko POP! First Order Stormtrooper. We expect these will be online at midnight but don’t know if that will be EST or PST time.

Disney Downtown

Disney Downtown has a ticketed event at both Disney World and Disneyland. Tickets are $50 and will get you a free messenger bag and access to exclusive items. There have been unconfirmed rumors that exclusives at the park will be a BB-8 plush and Kylo Ren Fx lightsaber.  We have seen photos of a Kylo Ren lightsaber but it wasn’t confirmed where it was purchased.

Disney Stores

Disney Stores will have a free Star Wars pin for the first 100 people to make a purchase in store. Stores will be closing early on Thursday and opening early on Friday, September 4th. The closest Disney store to us is in Destiny USA in Syracuse, NY and it will be open at 6:00am on Friday. Check the website for your store’s information as the opening times seem to be different at some stores.

Dollar General

We don’t believe that any stores are opening at midnight, but plans for store aisle sets have been posted online and stores will have a selection of Micro Machines, Hot Wheels ships, models, puzzles, role play lightsabers, games, and 12″ Hasbro figures. It may not be the most comprehensive selection but it’s another store to keep on your radar.


GameStop will have an exclusive Funko POP! as well but it’s unconfirmed what character it will be.

Hot Topic

Hot Topic is advertising new merchandise for Friday and they’ll have an exclusive Funko POP! Rey figure. The Hot Topic Rey will have her goggles on while there’s also a regular Rey figure without goggles.


KMart is celebrating Force Friday as well but no mention of opening at midnight. We also haven’t confirmed any exclusive merchandise but they do have a section of their website advertising Force Friday.


There are 207 stores opening at midnight for Force Friday and you can check for your store here on their website.

The stores that aren’t opening at midnight will still have toys and collectibles available Friday morning. They are also holding a Force Saturday event on September 5th that will include giveaways and photo ops at the stores. We believe the giveaway is a lunch box. Target will have an exclusive BB-8 remote control figure for around $80 by Hasbro and a Kylo Ren Funko POP!. A list of pricing has been found but doesn’t guarantee that all of the items on it will be available on Friday.

There are two coupons in this week’s Target advertising flyer, one for $10 off a $50 purchase and the other for $25 off $100. If you don’t have the flyer, you can text FORCE10 and FORCE25 to 827438 to have the coupons delivered to your phone.


Most Toys-R-Us stores will be opening at midnight for Force Friday. The only TRU stores we know for sure that won’t be open are in Parumus, NJ but it would be a good idea to stop in or call your local store to see if they’re participating. We know that there will be some free items for the event, including a poster for attendees, and there have also been rumors that there will be a bagged Lego figure, probably available with a minimum purchase. We’ve heard conflicting information on the Lego figure. One rumor is that it’s C-3PO from The Force Awakens while a new report is that it could be a re-release of the Wullf Yularen figure which was originally the May the 4th 2015 giveaway. Toys-R-Us has a Destination: Star Wars page on their website with a countdown timer to this week’s event along with a link to the Star Wars items in their online store.


Most or all Walmart stores that are open 24 hours will have product out for Friday at 12:01. They have an exclusive Funko Pop! Sandtrooper and Dewback set for $20 and will have Topps Star Wars Galactic Connexions disks. Pricing for basic 3.75″ figures will be slightly less than Target (by about $1).

Ralph McQuarrie Stormtrooper Statue Pre-Order Next Week

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Published on: August 28, 2015

Sideshow Ralph McQuarrie Stormtrooper

Sideshow is kicking off their Ralph McQuarrie Concept Artist Series with the Stormtrooper statue.  Pre-orders will go live next Thursday, September 3rd.

If you head over to Sideshow’s website, you can enter to win one of the statues.  There’s also a teaser video showing off the statue from several angles.

Medicom Toy MAFEX C-3PO and R2-D2

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Published on: August 24, 2015

Not to be outdone by Tamashii Nations, Medicom Toy will also be releasing two new Star Wars figures, C-3PO and R2-D2, in their MAFEX line.

C-3PO will have his comlink while R2-D2 will have a holo Leia and the drink tray from Jabba’s Barge. R2-D2 can also be posed both with and without his middle leg deployed.  The figures have a May 2016 release date and the price listed is 9,800 Yen (approximately $83).

Photos from the Medicom website.

S.H. Figuarts Scout Trooper and Speeder Bike

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Published on: August 24, 2015

The third S.H. Figuarts announcement is arguably the most fun; a Return of the Jedi Scout Trooper with Speeder Bike.  The set is slated for a March 2016 release with a price tag of 12,960 Yen (about $110).

The Scout Trooper comes with his blaster pistol and interchangeable hands.  The highly detailed Speeder Bike has a stand and appears to have some articulated pieces, such as the rear flaps.

S.H. Figuarts Battle Droid

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Published on: August 24, 2015

Next up on the S.H. Figuarts list is a Battle Droid. While he’s not specifically from The Phantom Menace, the Droid does go well with the Episode 1 Clone Trooper.

The Battle Droid has a blaster rifle that attaches to his backpack.  The backpack features extendable antenna and the Droid is articulated enough to be able to fold down like the Droids that were deployed during the battle of Naboo.

Like the Clone Trooper, estimated release for the Battle Droid is November 2015 and he’s in the same price range.

S.H. Figuarts Phase 1 Clone Trooper

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Published on: August 24, 2015

Tamashii Nations’ other line of Star Wars figures, S.H. Figuarts, also had new announcements today.  First up is the Phase 1 Clone Trooper with interchangeable hands and two blaster rifles.  The figure is estimated to be available in November 2015.  The S.H. Figuarts line has a lower price point than the Movie Realization figures at about 4,860 Yen (or $40).

Tamashii Nations Movie Realization Akazonae Royal Guard

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Published on: August 24, 2015

Continuing in the Movie Realization line is the Akazonae Royal Guard. Like the other figures in the Movie Realization line, the Royal Guard will come with interchangeable hands.  He also includes a removable robe, sword and staff.

A release date hasn’t been given yet and a pre-order doesn’t seem to be available yet but keep an eye on stores that import these figures, such as

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