Diamond Select Releases New Sin City Reelware and Glasses

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Published on: April 16, 2014

This week’s New Toy Day brings something a little different to comic book shops across North America –  Diamond Select Toys’ new line of movie-based lifestyle items: Reelware! This week is all about Sin City, as the stylish comic book movie inspires a line of pint glasses and shot glasses (under the Glasses to Go name) and a flask gift set! Everything a citizen of Sin City needs to survive! Order through your local comic shop or your favorite online retailer!

Sin City Reelware Movie Logo Flask Gift Set
A Diamond Select Toys Release! Sometimes, it’s dangerous to stay in one place for too long. Take your party on the road with this Sin City-inspired flask gift set, including an 8 oz. stainless steel flask bearing the Sin City logo, plus two stainless steel shot glasses and a stainless steel funnel to fill it with. Even the coldest alley will seem cozy when you have something warm in your belly! Comes packaged in a display box. (Item #MAR141949 , SRP $29.99)

Sin City Glasses to Go Movie Logo Pint Glass
A Diamond Select Toys Release! From Old Town to the Projects, from the Tar Pits to the Docks, drink deep of Sin City in this traditional pint glass. Branded with the Sin City movie logo, you’ll feel like you’re bellying to the bar with Marv himself. Whether you’re in need of a pint of courage or you’ve lost a pint of oil, this will bring you back up to level! Comes packaged in a full-color box. (Item #MAR141954, SRP $9.99)

Sin City Glasses to Go Kadie’s Club Pecos Pint Glass
A Diamond Select Toys Release! Getting over a bad break-up or an unsuccessful hit? What better way to drown your sorrows than in a pint glass emblazoned with the logo of Kadie’s Club Pecos? Just the sight of the Kadie’s logo (plus whatever’s in your glass) is enough to cheer the sorriest soul. Tip the bartender, or else. Comes packaged in a full-color box. (Item #MAR141952, SRP $9.99)

Sin City Glasses to Go Kadie’s Club Pecos Shot Glass
A Diamond Select Toys Release! There are good shots and bad shots, but this is the best kind of shot! The dancers will look even prettier when you’re drinking out of this 2 oz. shot glass featuring the logo of Kadie’s Club Pecos, a popular watering hole in Sin City. Comes packaged in a full-color box. (Item #MAR141953, SRP $5.99)

Find your local comic shop at comicshoplocator.com!

Hallmark Announces 2014 Convention Exclusives

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Published on: April 14, 2014

Hallmark will be offering three exclusive ornaments this year, split between San Diego Comic-Con and New York Comic Con.  Star Wars fans can look forward to a Wampa ornament while superhero fans have Batman and Iron Patriot ornaments coming their way.  Check out the photos and press release below.

Hallmark Introduces 2014 Event-Exclusive Keepsake Ornaments

Three event-exclusive ornament designs will be sold in limited quantities at Comic-Con International, to be held July 24-27 in San Diego, Calif., and at New York Comic Con, set for October 9-12 in New York City:

  • Batman: Arkham City — Inspired by the 2011 video game from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment, Batman: Arkham City, Batman crouches on a rooftop gargoyle in this Keepsake Ornament.
  • Wampa™ — This Keepsake Ornament depicts the ferocious horned predator that attacked Luke Skywalker on the ice planet Hoth as seen in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back™. The Wampa ornament is covered in velvety flocking.
  • War Machine™ — As featured in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this is a repainted variant of last year’s Iron Patriot™ Keepsake Ornament.

More information about Hallmark’s plans for these events will be announced closer to the respective dates.

The 2014 Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Dream Book will be available this month in Hallmark Gold Crown® stores and online at Hallmark.com.

BATMAN and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and © DC Comics.
© 2014 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM. All rights reserved.

Sideshow Premium Format Savage Opress

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Published on: April 11, 2014

Sideshow Premium Format Savage OpressNot only did Sideshow open pre-orders for Han Solo in Carbonite last night, they also opened orders on their Savage Opress Premium Format statue.

From his appearance in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Savage Opress stands over 21-inches tall and includes a light-up base.  He’s due in October 2014 and is priced at $399.99.  Payment plan is available and a non-refundable deposit of $40 is required at the time of order.

Check Sideshow’s website for additional photos and ordering information.

Life-Size Han in Carbonite from Sideshow

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Published on: April 11, 2014

Sideshow life-size Han in CarboniteSideshow has put up a pre-order for their latest life-sized release, Han Solo in Carbonite.

Coming in at over 7-feet tall, this replica of the movie prop comes with a light-up base, side panels and stand.

Due in September 2014, this is not for the casual buyer.  Han in Carbonite rings in at $6,999.  Sideshow is offering a long term payment plan through February 2015.  Head over to Sideshow’s website to see all the stats and ordering instructions along with additional photos.

Disney Exclusive Marvel Select Captain America Coming in May

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Published on: April 11, 2014

With Captain America: The Winter Soldier number one at the box office, interest in the star-spangled Avenger is at an all-time high! The action-packed thriller sees Captain America teaming up with the Falcon and the Black Widow for one of the toughest battles of his career, and now Diamond Select Toys is teaming up with MarvelStore.com to create an exclusive battle-damaged figure of the hero, available May 19!

Starting on May 19, MarvelStore.com will be the only place to order the Marvel Select Unmasked Captain America figure, featuring an exclusive head sculpt of Steve Rogers, as well as a battle-damaged version of his stealth uniform. An exclusive battle-damaged version of Cap’s shield will be included in the packaging, as well as an interchangeable masked head and a diorama display base modeled after the SHIELD helicarriers seen in the film. All will come packaged in the distinctive Marvel Select packaging, suitable for display and featuring spine artwork for easy shelf reference.

After May 27th, the Marvel Select Unmasked Captain America will be made available on DisneyStore.com, and will begin to make its way to Disney Store shelves in the U.S. and Canada. Then, in late June, MarvelStore.com, DisneyStore.com and Disney Stores will offer the Marvel Select Falcon action figure, based on the movie look of Cap’s new friend and partner Sam Wilson. The figure bears the likeness of actor Anthony Mackie and features removable wings, as well as a helicarrier base.

Mark your calendar to visit MarvelStore.com on May 19th!

becker&mayer! Announce 2 New Star Wars Releases

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Published on: April 8, 2014

becker&mayer! have released some of the most interesting Star Wars books of the past several years, including “Star Wars: The Blueprints” and the deluxe editions of “The Jedi Path,” Book of Sith,” and “The Bounty Hunter Code,” which all featured motorized cases with lights and sounds.

Star Wars Imperial Handbook A Commanders Guide

One of the newly announced releases is “Star Wars: Imperial Handbook: A Commander’s Guide” which will join the other deluxe edition, in-universe books.  The release carries an MSRP of $99.99 and features a motorized case with lights and sounds.  Authored by Daniel Wallace, the book includes procedures and tactical guidelines for the Imperial Military as well as margin notes by Rebel Alliance members who have intercepted it.

Star Wars Costumes The Original Trilogy

The second book, “Star Wars Costumes: The Original Trilogy” is by Brandon Alinger and features photos, original sketches, and notes about the costumes used in the three classic movies.  The book features new photographs and promises costume details that may be new to the public.  ”Star Wars Costumes” sports an MSRP of $60.

You can see the full catalog of current and upcoming becker&mayer! releases in their 2014 catalog.

Kotobukiya Unveils Han Solo & Chewbacca ARTFX+ Statues

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Published on: April 8, 2014

Kotobukiya has shown off sneak peek photos and prototypes but now we get a full look at the upcoming Han and Chewbacca ARTFX+ 2-pack.  The set is due in October and more photos can be found at the link above.

Kotobukiya - Han and Chewbacca

April Pre-Orders from Diamond Select

April is here and Previews is out with a new lot of pre-orders from Diamond Select.  Along with a couple Universal Monsters items, there are Kill Bill Minimates, Jay & Silent Bob Action Figures and our favorite, Marvel Minimates Series 57 which is made up of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie figures.  Press release and photos below.

The new Previews catalog from Diamond Comic Distributors is in comic shops now, and it’s chock-full of upcoming items from Diamond Select Toys! Marvel, TMNT, Kill Bill, Batman, Godzilla, Universal Monsters and the films of Kevin Smith all make their debuts this month, with products ranging from figures to banks to silicone trays! Check out the new offerings, and pre-order them today at your local comic shop, favorite online retailer, or from DiamondSelectToys.com!

Marvel Minimates Series 57 Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Asst.
A Diamond Select Toys Release! One of the most eagerly anticipated Marvel movies of all time is nearly upon is, and DST is capturing the characters of the film as 2-inch Minimates mini-figures! Featuring nine different characters from Guardians of the Galaxy, this assortment includes four different two-packs: Star-Lord with Ronan, Drax with Groot (and a Rocket Raccoon micro-figure), Gamora with Nova Corps Centurion, and Nebula with Sakaar Soldier. The Gamora and Nebula sets will only be available in comic shops and specialty stores, so don’t miss out! Designed and sculpted by Art Asylum! (Item #APR141985, SRP: $9.99/2-pack)

Amazing Spider-Man 2 Movie Spider-Man Resin Statue
A Diamond Select Toys Release! New movie, new suit, new statue! Spider-Man and his new movie costume get the full-figure treatment from DST, with this dynamic statue of the Web-slinger atop a New York City rooftop. Despicting SPider-Man in a dynamic battle pose, this statue measures approximately 7 inches tall with its base, and is the ultimate ASM2 collectible! Sculpted by Gentle Giant! (Item #APR141984, SRP: $125.00)

TMNT Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Vinyl Bust Banks
A Diamond Select Toys Release! Save your money for a rainy day — or your next pizza craving – with this new line of TMNT banks from DST! These bust banks of the four NInja Turtles are based on their most recent cartoon appearances, and each wields his trademark weapons. WIth a coin slot in the back and an access door on the bottom, each bank stands approximately 8 inches tall. Designed and sculpted by Art Asylum!
Donatello Bank (Item #APR141972, SRP: $22.99)
Leonardo Bank (Item #APR141973, SRP: $22.99)
Michelangelo Bank (Item #APR141974, SRP: $22.99)
Raphael Bank (Item #APR141975, SRP: $22.99)

Jay & Silent Bob 20th Anniversary Select Action Figures
A Diamond Select Toys Release! It’s been 20 years since we met Jay & Silent Bob in Clerks, and DST is celebrating the less-than-dynamic duo’s anniversary with their most realistic action figures ever! Based on their appearances in Jay & Silent Bob Strikes Back, these 7-inch scale figures include multiple interchangeable parts, multiple points of articulation, and connecting display bases depicting the interior and exterior of RST Video. Packaged in Select-style display packaging, with spine artwork. Sculpted by Patrick Piggott!
Jay Figure (Item #APR141976, SRP: $24.99)
Silent Bob Figure (Item #APR141977, SRP: $24.99)

Kill Bill 10th Anniversary Minimates Crazy 88 Box Set
A Diamond Select Toys Release! This line of Minimates is about to get Crazy! Our first set of Minimates based on Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill started the battle at the House of Blue Leaves, and now we’re gonna finish it! This all-new box set includes four different Crazy 88 gang members, each with 14 points of articulation, plus interchangeable heads and hairpieces, to create different fighters from the film’s epic swordfight. Mix and match multiple sets to re-create the carnage! Packaged on a blister card. Designed and sculpted by Art Asylum! (Item #APR141983, SRP: $19.99)

Batman Classic TV Series Silicone Tray
Bang! Zok! Pow! Add some punch to your punchbowl with this silicone tray inspired by the Batman Classic TV Show! This bright green tray casts up ice, as well as gelatin and chocolate, in the shape of the iconic Batman logo, as well as the show’s famous sound effects. Unless you’re Mr. Freeze, freezing things has never been so fun! Comes packaged in a full-color box. Designed by Art Asylum! (Item #APR141981, SRP: $15.00)

Godzilla King Ghidorah Vinyl Bust Bank
A Diamond Select Toys Release! Hail to the King! Godzilla has met his match with this vinyl bust bank depicting Ghidorah, the three-headed alien monster, as he appeared in 1991′s Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah. Measuring approximately 8 inches, tall, the bank has a coin slot on its back for inserting your loose change, and an access door underneath. Have him battle your Godzilla bust bank for shelf supremacy! Sculpted by Gentle Giant! (Item #Item #APR141987, SRP: $22.99)

Monster Hunter Van Helsing Select Action Figure
A Diamond Select Toys Release! Monsters beware! Diamond Select Toys is unleashing a fearsome foe upon every monster action figure in your collection, and it’s none other than famous monster-hunter Van Helsing! Based on an original design, this 7-inch action figure comes armed to the teeth with stakes, axes and a crossbow, making him more than a match for any and all supernatural creatures. Van Helsing includes a deluxe cemetery base, featuring a female vampire rising from the grave, and comes packaged in Select-style display packaging, with spine artwork. Sculpted by Jean St. Jean! (Item #APR141978, SRP: $24.99)

Universal Monsters Select Son of Frankenstein Figure
A Diamond Select Toys Release! The monster returns! Diamond Select Toys revisits Frankenstein’s Monster with this all-new figure depicting the monster in his outfit from 1939′s Son of Frankenstein. This 7-inch-scale action figure features an all-new sculpt with all-new articulation, and can strike multiple poses on his deluxe display base, featuring equipment from Dr. Frankenstein’s lab. The Monster and his base come packaged in Select-style display packaging, with spine artwork. Sculpted by Jean St. Jean! (Item #APR141979, SRP: $24.99)

Universal Monsters Select Creature from the Black Lagoon Figure
A Diamond Select Toys Release! Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water! Diamond Select Toys revisits the Black Lagoon with this all-new figure depicting the world-famous Creature, first seen in 1954′s Creature from the Black Lagoon. This 7-inch-scale action figure features a new sculpt with over 16 points of articulation, and can strike a wide variety of poses on his deluxe display base, which features a skeleton and an undersea rock formation. The Creature and his base come packaged in Select-style display packaging, with spine artwork. Sculpted by Jean St. Jean! (Item #APR141980, SRP: $24.99)

Marvel Select Villain Zombies Magneto Action Figure
A Diamond Select Toys Release! Magneto is back for revenge… and your brains! This all-new action figure of X-Men villain Magneto features decomposing and battle-damaged details, inspired by his zombified appearance in the horror comics of the Marvel Universe. Packaged with a detailed display base, the 7-inch-scale Magneto comes in Select-style display packaging, with spine artwork. Sculpted by Phil Ramirez! (Item #APR141986, SRP: $24.99)

Find your local comic shop at comicshoplocator.com!

Terra Firma the Woman from Earth Has Landed

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Published on: April 3, 2014

The Outer Space Men Terra Firma Infinity EditionThe Four Horsemen have been putting out The Outer Space Men line for a couple of years now, but it was way back during New York Comic Con 2012 that I first saw their fully painted version of Terra Firma Infinity Edition.  After several other releases, including NYCC 2013′s Beta Phase White Star version, the Infinity Edition finally went up for pre-order about a month ago.

Yesterday Terra Firma arrived looking just as sharp as she did over a year ago in the AFX booth in NYC.  The Infinity Edition comes fully packaged with a backer card and bubble insert to hold the figure and her accessories.  She comes with a US flag, two additional arms, laser pistol, backpack and helmet with opening face shield.

The Outer Space Men figures use the Glyos System so the figure has some articulation as well as being compatible with other figures in the Outer Space Men line and Power Lords, also from The Four Horsemen, and the Glyos figures from Onell Design.  Being approximately 3.75″ tall for the humans, they can fit in with your Star Wars, G.I. Joe or Marvel Universe figures if you’re looking to expand a roster.

Terra Firma is still available from the Store Horsemen website for $13 plus shipping.  There are also Infinity Editions of Jack Asteroid, Ohpromatem, Horrorscope, Gamma X and Colossus Rex ringing up from $13 to $26 for the larger figures.

Lego May 4th Darth Revan Minifigure Promo

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Published on: April 2, 2014

Lego May 4th Darth RevanTo celebrate May the 4th Be With you this year, Lego will have an exclusive Darth Revan minifigure available with a $75 purchase.

No word yet on which Star Wars sets may be on sale for this year’s promotion, but the new Sandcrawler (#75059) will be available in stores and online starting May 3rd.

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