Toyfest Returns To Syracuse Fair Grounds

Once known as Toyful Weekend, the newly branded Toyfest, hosted by CNY Promotions, returned to the NY State Fair Grounds this past weekend. Held in the Science and Industry building, there were over 100 tables of collectible vintage and modern toys from wind up tin toys to Funko Pops!.

Toy lines included, but not limited to, Star Wars, G.I. Joe, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Wrestling, Hot Wheels and NASCAR, Barbie, and more. Several tables had comics and trading cards, there were plush characters, records, and even a selection of video games. Prices ranged from spare change for G.I. Joe accessories to thousands of dollars for graded Star Wars toys. The selection was quite broad and included lines you don’t always see at smaller shows like this, including Fisher Price Adventure People and Barbie. There were at least two Eagle 1 ships from Space 1999 and we found 60s and 70s G.I. Joe toys and accessories at multiple booths (including several Adventure Team Headquarters boxed & loose).

We spotted one HasLab Razor Crest, sealed, priced for $750. At least one table had newer Vintage Collection carded figures and a handful had older Power of the Force 2 green carded figures and some Episode 1 stuff. Noticeably, not a lot of Star Wars action figures from the mid-2000s to the Vintage Collection 1.0; Saga Collection, 30th Anniversary, and Clone Wars were not really represented with figures although we did spot a handful of vehicles from that time period. 

Surprisingly, there were also not a lot of Marvel Legends or Black Series figures, although there were a couple booths stocked with Pops!. Superheroes were represented, however, with vintage Mego figures and Kenner Super Powers. Transformers also had a smaller presence. We enjoy a show where the selection leans more heavily towards mid 90s and earlier toy lines and Toyfest came through.

Highlights were seeing the Adventure Team toys and accessories, Fisher Price Adventure People, and a working Vectrex video game where we were able to play Armor Attack. The last pic in the gallery were the pickups for the day, except for the Action Force comic which we found at Larger Than Life Toys & Comics.

A second show for this year has already been scheduled for October 16, 2022. Check out the CNY Promotions for a list of their shows and dates.