Toy Fair – Tomashii Nations

Tomashii Nations made quite a splash last year at San Diego Comic-Con with their die-cast, 1:6 scale, C-3PO action figure.  The incredibly detailed figure includes working pistons on the joints, light-up eyes, interchangeable hands, a restraining bolt and even individual wires in the torso.

This has already been offered for pre-order through Sideshow for $399.99 and there are less than 10 available as of this writing.  Joe was so taken with this, as soon as he got home from Toy Fair he put in an order.  As he put it, “it is the only Threepio collectible you will ever need.”  Bill Cable, noted C-3PO character collector, and owner of, is shown holding the prototype in the photos below.

Photos and additional reporting by Joe Kersavage

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