HASCON The Vintage Collection Display

Hasbro is bringing The Vintage Collection back to retail in 2018 and while most of the releases were announced at San Diego Comic-Con, the first wave, and a surprise, were announced during HASCON.

The first wave will include a new Supreme Leader Snoke to go along with Rey, Kylo Ren, Jyn, First Order Stormtrooper and Hoth Rebel Trooper. Snoke is the only brand new figure in the bunch but we believe having the Stormtrooper and Hoth Trooper back at retail will be a good thing. And while for many, Jyn, Kylo, and Rey may not have been hard to find in the Walmart Black Series waves, having them at wider retail in more markets should be a good thing.

Also in the case was an Assault Tank driver. It was first announced at San Diego Comic-Con but it wasn’t mentioned what wave that figure will be released in. We know that Cassian Andor and the Death Trooper will also be coming so we may be looking for this in wave 2 or 3.

Finally, we have a look at early production on the new Assault Tank. The amount of detail and the number of components going into it were impressive to see laid out in the display case. During the 40 Years of Play panel, it was mentioned that Hasbro has been working with a new technique that allows two colors of plastic to be combined during the molding process. It was specifically mentioned that the kyber crystal containers for the back of the tank will use that process to create the black and orange design. Additional paint may be applied but the dual molding process will allow for nearly finished components to come straight from the mold.

Media credentials provided by Hasbro and HASCON.

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