Hallmark Reveals Star Wars Celebration Exclusives


Hallmark has posted photos of the two exclusives they’ll have for Star Wars Celebration Anaheim.  They’ll have a 2-pack ornament set titled An Epic Vision which will include Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader as depicted by Ralph McQuarrie’s early concept art.

There will also be a set of two itty bittys plush figures, Bossk and Dengar.

The ornament set is limited to 2,000 pieces and priced at $40.  There will be 500 pieces available each day.  The itty bittys set is limited to 2,200 with 550 available each day.  The itty bitty set is priced at $20.

As they do at their convention appearances, Hallmark will be giving away buttons with a new design each day.  There will be a special 5th button that’s a secret.  A total of 1,000 regular buttons will be handed out each day while the 5th is limited to 500.