G.I. Joe Convention – Club Souvenirs

The G.I. Joe Club always offers a selection of Convention exclusive souvenirs in addition to the boxed attendee set.  This year there were some very interesting, and pricey releases.

All of the offerings used the Night Force theme as their base and the biggest surprise was the inclusion of a 6 figure set of KREONS to go along with this year’s parachute figure; Hit & Run KREON.

The 12″ exclusive this year was the Black Dragon Guard who came outfitted with his containment suit.

Although not pictured, the Club did have carded and bagged Iceberg figures available at the show.

All of the 3.75″ souvenirs sold out at the show, some not long after the Club store opened on Friday afternoon.

The photos below show off all of the souvenirs and the boxed sets and the full price list and edition sizes is below.

Item Notes ES Price
Nocturnal Fire cloisonne lapel pin Free to orders in first 24 hours Free
Night Force FERRET Attendee gift Free
Night Force Specialists 2-pack Chuckles & Freestyle 800 $62.00
Night Force F.L.A.K. w/ Steeler 800 $66.00
Lady Jaye Carded 1000 $30.00
Night Boomer Glow in the Dark 1000 $145.00
KRE-O GI Joe Night Force 6 figure set 1000 $33.00
2013 Convention Comic Program $4.95
Night Force Lithograph 225 $10.00
Crimson Asp Lithograph 75 $25.00
Set of 8 Art Print Portfolio 200 $15.00
Trading Card Set, 2013 Series, 9 cards $5.00
Uncut sheet of 18 cards 35 $20.00
Uncut sheet Chase cards 15 $50.00
T-Shirt: Dragon Island $25.00
T-Shirt: Night Force Glow in the Dark $25.00
Beanie or Hat w/ Glow in the Dark logo $25.00
KRE-O Parachute Figure Hit & Run 500 $14.00
Iceberg Carded $30.00
Iceberg Loose $25.00
Black Dragon Guard 12″ 200 $79.00
Convention Jacket 12″, Free to orders in first 24 hours Free
Shoulder holster & Pistols 12″ Attendee gift Free