Diamond Select Toys Attends Toy Fair 2019 With Star Wars News

Friend of the Holocron, Steve Rensi, is at Toy Fair this weekend and he stopped in the Diamond Select Toys booth for us to check in after the big announcement last week of their acquisition of Gentle Giant Ltd. As is normal, they didn’t have any new announcements for the future they could share yet but there were a couple good tidbits of info.

At this time there’s no expectation that Diamond Select will expand the Star Wars license to some of their lines, such as Vinimates, Gallery, or Select. Everything that’s currently in Gentle Giant’s catalog should continue production.

They are planning to attend Star Wars Celebration Chicago this April but weren’t able to speak about any possible exclusives. 

According to DST and Gentle Giant, pre-production, sculpting, on-set laser scanning, and quality control is not changing on their end. We take that to mean that the quality of the product going forward will see no change and we can expect the highly detailed sculpts and likenesses to continue.

Diamond Select is very accessible for questions and pointed out that Chuck releases near weekly Ask DST blog posts answering fan submitted questions. You can see the Ask DST page on their website at diamondselecttoys.com/category/ask-dst/. Click the “Have A Question” link at the top of that page to submit a question.