Celebration VI Guest Announcements – Peter Mayhew

Peter Mayhew has been confirmed as an autograph guest for Star Wars Celebration VI this August. Joining him will be fan favorite, Tim Rose, who portrayed Admiral Ackbar. Trevor Butterfield, Nick Maley and Paul Springer will also be on hand to sign.

We believe this is the first Celebration appearance for Butterfield, Maley and Springer. Butterfield played Lt. Blount in Return of the Jedi while Paul Springer, a puppeteer, played a Gamorrean Guard and Ree Yees. Mr. Maley was a make-up artist on The Empire Strikes Back and worked with Stuart Freeborn on Yoda.

Read the full announcement on StarWars.com and keep an eye here and on StarWarsCelebration.com as we expect regular news updates as we’re only 104 days away from the start of Celebration!