Celebration Anaheim Art Print Pre-orders Start Today

Update 1: We updated this morning with pre-order links for Lin Zy and Russell Walks.

Today is the first day that prints can be pre-ordered for pickup at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim.  Many of the artist pre-orders will be handled by DarkInkArt.com with sales starting at 3:30PM EST an running until April 10th.  For artists not included on the Dark Ink website, we’ve put together links for their individual websites where we could find them.

The following artists have their own pre-orders (click their name to go to the pre-order site):

The following artists are all listed on the Dark Ink website at the link http://www.darkinkart.com/star-wars/celebration-anaheim.html

  • Steve Anderson
  • Jeff Carlisle
  • Jason Christman
  • Jeff Confer
  • Katie Cook
  • Doug Cowan
  • Chris Dee
  • Grant Gould
  • Karen Hallion
  • Scott Harben
  • Stephen Hayford
  • Brandon Kenney
  • Ken Lashley
  • Erik Maell
  • Jake Murray
  • William O’Neill
  • Brian Rood
  • Cat Staggs
  • Shea Standefer
  • Chris Trevas
  • Malcom Tween

We were unable to find a pre-order site for the following artists but will update if/when* the info becomes available.

  • Jason Palmer
  • Alex Ross
  • Tsuneo Sanda
  • Brent Woodside

*We should note that we don’t have confirmation that all artists will have pre-orders, particularly those that will have their own booths outside of Artist Alley.