Big Plans from Topps in 2015

Topps LogoICv2 posted an article in December highlighting several new releases from Topps for 2015. We already knew about the Masterwork set coming early in the year, with the expensive premium release not being something we are looking forward to.

Of the five releases that ICv2 posts about the only one we’re currently looking forward to is the Star Wars Rebels release slated for February. Being that it’ll be retail only, 100 cards in the base set, and has a relatively attainable list of chase cards, we’ll probably be buying in on this set.

The other three releases include Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Illustrated, a followup to the 2013 A New Hope release, Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith 3D Widevision and Star Wars Chrome Perspectives Part 2.

The Revenge of the Sith 3D release will follow the 2014 Return of the Jedi model and be released online only, via the Topps website, for $100 in a limited edition package.

ICv2 doesn’t have any info on a probably The Force Awakens set but history shows we can expect some type of release for it.

Head over to the ICv2 website for all the details they have on the sets.