The Razor Crest Announced As The 2020 HasLab Project

The new HasLab project has been announced as the Razor Crest from The Mandalorian. The ship needs, 6,000 backers to fund and there will be additional unlocked items starting with 8,000 backers. The price is $349.99 and the project is open until November 9, 2020.

The HasLab Razor Crest is live now for backers on the HasLab website. Additional photos and information is available there.

The ship itself is 30-inches long, 20-inches wide and 10-inches tall. The cockpit opens and will seat 3 people. The side door and rear loading ramp all open and give access to a weapons locker and storage hold. 

There’s a carbon freeze chamber, weapons locker and hidden storage area. The weapons locker is packed with all of the items that we saw in season 1, all the accessories are separate and usable with your action figures.

The landing gear is operational with opening hatches. A blaster pops up from the top of the rear deck. There are removable panels along the sides with detail behind them on one side and on the left side will give you access to the entire cargo hold. The top also comes off for additional access into the rear compartments along with more sculpted details.

A new The Mandalorian figure will be included and comes in his Beskar armor. The figure will be available in the main line later but will come with a molded plastic cape where the HasLab version has an exclusive soft goods cape.

The Razor Crest is scheduled for shipping towards the end of 2021.