Rogue Friday: Target

After stopping at Toys-R-Us and Walmart last night, it was time for Target this morning. We hit the store just a couple of minutes after opening and found a large cardboard display at the front of the store holding some 3.75″ and 12″ figures, masks, and a few other items.  There were also two standees at the front and back by the electronics department featuring Death Troopers, neither had merchandise.

Target AT-ACT End CapThe main Star Wars aisle wasn’t completely reset but the room made by recent clearance opened up space for the TIE Striker and U-Wing along with a Revell model of the AT-ACT, masks, lightsabers, the new Black Series Stormtrooper mask, Titanium vehicles, and more. The main aisle and the redecorated end cap had both Black Series 6″ and 3.75″ figures. New Hot Wheels Car Ships were on the pegs but no new Rogue One Starships or character cars.  We also didn’t find the new 2-packs or Hera’s A-Wing and there didn’t seem to be a shelf spot for it.

Funko POP! figures were stocked on the new end cap and of all the toys out this morning, they seemed to be the most picked over compared to the Black Series and 3.75″ figures.

The new Air Hogs Millennium Falcon, which is huge, was taking up space at the end of the aisle along with the other new releases in their line of flying ships.  Jakks Pacific was represented by their newest Rogue One Big Figs, including the new BB-8. Between the main Lego aisle and the end cap, all of the new sets were in stock. We also spotted a second end cap that had new sets from various themes and included both the City and Star Wars advent calendar sets.

Target has had the Sphero BB-8 on sale for a while and now they’re also offering the Force Band. We’ll try to grab a photo later, but there’s a nice display showing off both the droid and Force Band in the main Star Wars aisle.

Target BB-8 and Force Band

Target is currently offering $10 and $25 coupons off $50 and $100 purchases respectively.  Text FORCE10 and FORCE25 to 827438 from a smartphone and you’ll be sent links to scannable barcodes. Lego and clearance items are exempt, but we used the $25 coupon to pick up the Force Band and a few Hasbro Titanium ships.

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