NYCC: Archer Q&A

Archer PanelI wasn’t sure what to expect during the “Archer” panel at New York Comic Con so I was really surprised when they showed the first episode of season 5.  I’m not going to recap the entire episode but suffice it to say, the gang looks to be out of the spy business and possibly in the drug cartel business when the season kicks off in January.

The presentation was followed up by a Q&A panel that featured the series creator, Adam Reed, along with Jessica Walter, H. Jon Benjamin, Aisha Tyler, Judy Greer, Amber Nash and Lucky Yates.

Questions to the panel included what are some of the actors favorite lines from the show (Judy loves “You’re not my supervisor!”), what would they like to see their character do (Lucky would like Krieger to build a giant robot) and what guest actors would they like to appear (Christian Slater is in talks).

New York was Jessica Walter’s first convention and before starting on the Q&A session, the crowd was asked if there were any Mallory cosplayers at the panel.  A couple ladies stood up, proving that Jessica’s character is that popular.  What was much more hilarious was when a Hologram Bride cosplay stood up and was promptly hit on by Lucky Yates.

All of the actors are comedians in their own right and the panel was extremely funny, raunchy and yet informative.  If you are not already watching “Archer,” start.  You have plenty of time to catch up before season 5 starts in January 2014.