Mattel Announces New Star Wars Vehicles and Playsets

Toy Fair 2015 Mattel Hot Wheels Star Wars Character Car Track SetIdle Hands has posted a full press release and image selection from Mattel and it includes several new Star Wars items coming this year.  Included are the Hot Wheels Star Wars Starship assortment, which has been advertised since SDCC last year, and new playsets.

The Starship assortment of ships from the Saga films and animation will retail for $4.99 and include the Millennium Falcon, X-Wing Starfighter and Snowspeeder among others.  Due in September, and priced at $14.99, the Hot Wheels Star Wars Flight Controller Handheld Accessory will allow fans to “fly” their starships while accompanied with lights and sounds.

On the playset front, there will be a $14.99 price point of sets for the Starship assortment of vehicles coming in September.  These sets will include a ship and feature different environments from the movies and animated shows.  Also in September, look for Hot Wheels Star Wars Character Car Track Set which will work with the character cars already in stores.  The $24.99 playsets feature scenes from the films and animated TV shows.

More photos and descriptions can be found on the Idle Hands blog along with info on Mattel’s other toy lines.