Kotobukiya First Order Stormtroopers and More

Kotobukiya steps up to The Force Awakens plate with new Kylo Ren themed lightsaber chopsticks and three new pouch sandwich shapers; BB-8, First Order Stormtrooper and the Millennium Falcon.

For those not hungry, Friday also saw the debut of a new ARTFX+ 2-pack of The Force Awakens First Order Stormtroopers. The Troopers will come with interchangeable blasters and arms which allow 12 different poses. The Troopers feature magnets in their feet and a metal base to allow them to be displayed in various ways.

The chopsticks are due in October with the sandwich shapers following in November and the ARTFX+ statues in December, to coincide with the new movie’s release. Pre-orders are available from the Kotobukiya store.  The chopsticks are $11.99, the sandwich shapers are $17.99 each and the Stormtrooper statue 2-pack is $84.99. As of this writing we don’t see pre-orders from other online retailers but if you have a favorite that usually carries Koto products, keep an eye out as these should be available soon.