Diorama Workshop Needs Our Help

Frank D’iorio has been hosting diorama workshops at Star Wars Celebrations since 2002 and this year, at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim, he’s partnering with Hasbro to create a massive Cloud City diorama.

One of the best aspects of the Celebration dioramas are the action figures populating the buildings and scenes that fans and kids assemble during the weekend.  That’s where Frank needs our help; while Hasbro has stepped up to donate figures of our main heroes and villains, Cloud City wouldn’t be complete without plenty of Bespin Guards, Ugnaughts and Cloud Car Pilots.

If you have Bespin related action figures, especially those mentioned, and would be willing to donate them to the Celebration Anaheim Diroama Workshop, head over to Frank’s website, DioramaWorkshop.com, for details on how you can help.  All of the action figures used in the dioramas are given away to kids on Sunday so they’re all going to a good home.