Details on Sideshow’s Premium Format Chewbacca Statue

Sideshow Premium Format Chewbacca Statue - ExclusiveIf you need a 23″ tall statue of a walking carpet, Sideshow has you covered.  This Thursday, Sideshow will put their new Premium Format Chewbacca statue up for pre-order with the release of the weekly newsletter.

The exclusive edition of Chewbacca will come with an alternate hand holding a Blastech DLT-19 Rifle while the regular edition will come with his iconic bowcaster.  The good news is that our original thoughts on pricing ($400 – $450) were a little high, Sideshow is bringing in both versions of Chewiee at $384.99.

Look for Sideshow to offer their payment plan for this statue and we’d also bet on there being a non-refundable deposit at the time of order.