Collecting Track Panels Announce Star Tots For Celebration Chicago 2019

The Collectors’ Stage at Star Wars Celebration Chicago will again host the collecting Track panels during the event. Giveaways to panel goers has been a tradition dating back to at least Celebration III and continues this year with the latest batch of 20 Star Tots. Four are now being shown off on and include likenesses for three characters that didn’t see action figure form during Kenner’s 1978-1985 run of toys. They include Luke Skywalker Ceremony Outfit, Biggs Darklighter, and a Rebel Fleet Trooper. The fourth is R2-D2 with sensorscope.

New to this year’s releases is a collector coin done in the style of the classic Power of the Force line of action figures. The tag line on the card art is “The Power of the Flat.”

Star Wars Celebration Chicago runs from April 11 though the 15th at the McCormick Place convention center.