Target Clearance Begins

Target is starting to clearance out items in their toy aisles to make room for the summer reset and new toys that will be hitting the shelves in July and August.  Yesterday we spotted several clearance items that might be of interest to some of our readers.

In the Star Wars section there were markdowns on the Clone Wars and Movie Heroes figures, $6.98 each.  The Fighter Pods 2, 4 and 16-packs were $2.08, $4.18 and $13.98 respectively.  We didn’t see any markdown on the Target exclusive Tin set but have reports of them being marked down in other stores.  The Class II Attack Vehicles have also been seen on clearance but not at our store.  However, the Underground Toys talking plush figures were $9.98 as were the Hasbro role play Clone Trooper masks.

In the G.I. Joe section you can pick up single figures for $7.00 while the Alpha motor cycles were $9.08.  Delta vehicles were down to $13.98 and the Micro Force 5-packs were $3.48.  Snake Eyes Ninja Gear role play set was $18.18 and the 10-inch Ninja Commando figures were $13.98.

If Marvel is your bag, look for the boxed 3-packs down to $17.48 and comic 2-packs for $12.58.  There were some miscellaneous Iron Man 3 items marked down as were a few of the Avengers items, like the Hulk mask.

Target also had a multipack of Transformers Bot Shots marked down while across the aisle you could score a 3-pack of Batman figures at 30% off as well.

We didn’t spot any Lego sets on discount yet but believe that some of the Lord of the Rings sets should be heading to clearance soon-ish.  Keep an eye out.