Smuggler’s Run Millennium Falcon Launches At Target

Hasbro and Target have joined forces to offer several new exclusives based on Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge attractions. First up is a new Vintage Collection Millennium Falcon Smuggler’s Run. Priced at $399.99, the exclusive features an updated “Big” Millennium Falcon with new sounds (Original Trilogy and Smuggler’s Run ride), deco, interchangeable radar dishes (Original and Sequel Trilogy), and two figures; Chewbacca (with Porgs) and Hondo Ohnaka. 

Pre-orders are currently sold out but the ship has a release date listed as August 30, 2020. Select Target stores will have this in retail stores and there should be more available online in the future. Hondo Ohnaka should also be available carded in The Vintage Collection line later in the year, and not exclusive.

Additional photos and details can be found on the Target website or take a look at the official announcement on