Sideshow Unleashes the Deluxe Clone Troopers

Sideshow posted four new pre-orders last night, all for their new Deluxe Clone Troopers.

The 1:6 scale Troopers are all priced at $139.99 and are scheduled for a December 2013 release.  Non-refundable deposits are due if you order 2 or more of any of the Clone Troopers.

Each Deluxe Clone Trooper includes both Phase 1 and Phase 2 helmets, backpack, 13 interchangeable hands, action and standard boots, Z-6 rotary blaster cannon, DC-15A Rifle and a DC-15S Carbine.

Three of the four releases are general releases while the 212th Clone Trooper is exclusive to Sideshow.  It’s time to build your armies!