Sideshow to Offer a Series of Deluxe Clone Troopers

Sideshow Deluxe Clone Troopers TeaserSideshow posted a teaser photo last week to advertise four upcoming Deluxe Clone Trooper releases.  Beginning on June 27th, Sideshow will have a 501st Clone Trooper, Deluxe Veteran, Deluxe Shiny and Deluxe 212th.

The 501st Trooper is pictured with a Phase 2 helmet while the other three are pictured with Phase 1.  However, the teaser image shows a Phase 1 501st version leading us to believe we’ll see alternate helmets for some or all of the releases.

No pricing has been set yet, but since these are listed as Deluxe, we’re assuming that the price might get a little bump over previous Trooper releases.  But, if you’re interested, and want a shot at them for free, Sideshow has the hookup with a giveaway.

Head over to the teaser image and enter your email address for a chance to win a set of the new Deluxe Clone Troopers.