Sideshow Teases 1:6 Scale Deluxe R2-D2

Sideshow Deluxe R2-D2Sideshow didn’t wait until their May the 4th reveals officially kicked off, last night they teased us with a video for a new 1:6 scale deluxe R2-D2 figure.

He comes with opening panels on his dome for Luke’s lightsaber, scanner and drink dispenser and he also includes a tray with glasses from Jabba’s Sail Barge. His dome lights up and several opening toros panels reveal tools such as his computer interface and a grasping arm. The set is rounded out by a table with a Princess Leia hologram.

By looking at the shadows on the May the 4th reveals, we’ll probably see him offered up for pre-order on the 4th. Sideshow is currently offering a chance to win R2 and you can enter by signing up for the newsletter on their website. Also check out the teaser video below.