Sideshow Re-releases Fan Favorite 1:6 Figures

Sideshow put up new pre-orders for some updated fan favorite 1:6 scale figures; Darth Vader, Boba Fett, and Imperial Probe Droid.  The figures are based on their previous releases with some updated items, such as new hands for Vader, and a flight stand for Boba Fett.

Some accessories are not included with these offerings, such as the snow themed base with the Probe Droid, the light-up stands with Fett and Vader or the removable helmet and alternate Anakin Skywalker portrait with Vader.

Pricing has stayed the same for the Probe Droid at $249.99 while Boba Fett has a small increase to $199.99.  Vader, by comparison, has dropped slightly to $229.99.  If you missed any of these the first time around, now would be a good time to pick them up for retail price vs secondary market.

Boba Fett is scheduled for January 2016, the Probe Droid for March, and Darth Vader for June.

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