New York Comic Con – Super 7, Mattel & Mega Bloks

I took a lot of miscellaneous photos over the weekend but some don’t need their own post and that includes Super 7, Mattel and Mega Bloks.

The area around the Mattel booth was so crowded it was hard to get in to snap any pictures so I just got a few random shots of some Masters of the Universe stuff along with Batman.

Super 7 was showing off their Star Wars wallpaper and had info on their two Star Wars Shogun Warriors, Boba Fett and Stormtrooper, along with the proposed line of vintage Kenner style Alien action figures.

The Mega Bloks booth was up front near Mattel and also was hard to navigate.  You’ll see some photos of the cool Halo display but they were also showing off some interesting World of Warcraft toys as well.  There was a giant display of a character from WoW and a small diorama in the front hallway but if the floor was too crowded, the front hall was overrun.

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