New Star Wars Themed Valentine’s Day Candy & Cards at Target

Target is already stocking their seasonal section with Valentine’s Day candy and presents and Star Wars has a presence again this year.  There are several types of candy in packaging from the standard heart-shaped boxes to tins of chocolate. There are 4 character goblets featuring the likenesses of Yoda, Chewbacca, and Darth Vader along with a Shocktrooper which we think may be new.  There are also character candy dispensers, a magic reveal coloring book and mug with a small box of candy.

For kids, we spotted four different Valentine’s Day card sets. One set includes lollipops, one has pencils, and one has glowsticks.  There is also a set in a “paint can mailbox” which features Star Wars graphics on the outside and comes with 32 cards and stickers.  The can isn’t metal on the sides, however, it’s a semi-transparent plastic wrapped around a frame and features a slot in the top for people to drop cards in.

Prices range from about $3 on the low end to $13 for one of the larger tins with candy.