Medicom Releasing MAFEX Star Wars Figures?

Medicom Toy showed off several action figures at the Wonder Fest show held this past weekend in Tokyo, Japan.  Included in the display was their upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man 2 MAFEX action figure along with a placard mentioning future releases.

Besides The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises, Star Wars is mentioned.  Although no product was shown, this is an interesting development.

The new 6″ Black Series line of figures seems to be doing well for Hasbro but it will be interesting to see how Medicom tackles the same scale using their brand of super articulation.  It will also be interesting to see how the fan base accepts a $40+ 6″ action figure that will mostly be available in the States as an online purchase.

The MAFEX line is new for Medicom and the Spider-Man figure coming later this year is only the third release from that series.  The previous two releases include another Spider-Man, from The Amazing Spider-Man, and Batman from The Dark Knight Rises.

CollectionDX posted the following photo from the show.

CollectionDX Medicom MAFEX
Photo: CollectionDX