Lego Ewok Village Rumor

It’s probably more than a rumor at this point, but word is circulating that a new exclusive Lego set, 10236 Ewok Village, will be making its debut later this year.  Rumored to be in the $250 range (early reports have it at 250 Euros), the set will probably be available at Lego stores and online.

There was some speculation earlier in the year that an Endor set could be on the way when the Series 9 Forest Maiden minifigure showed up with a new hair element that had characteristics that could be used to create a Celebration Dress Princess Leia.

With the recent announcement of The Tower of Orthanc (10237), from the Lord of the Rings property, it seems that Lego is willing to do large set pieces so it’s possible that this Endor set will have trees, huts and the landing where the celebration from the end of Return of the Jedi took place.  Stay tuned for additional information as we receive it.