Kotobukiya Mara Jade Bishoujo Coming Soon

Kotobukiya Mara Jade BishoujoKotobukiya posted to their Facebook page today that the Mara Jade Bishoujo statue will be out soon.  If you haven’t pre-ordered her yet but are interested, you may want to do so sooner rather than later.  With the Expanded Universe that we’ve known for the last 20 years being moved to Legends status by Disney, and Hasbro already announcing an end to their EU offerings, it’s not a stretch to think that statues like this may few and far between going forward.

It’s also possible that if Mara Jade sells through there won’t be a re-release like there was with their Jaina Solo Bishoujo.  Big Bad Toy Store still has pre-orders available for $64.99 but you may be able to find them on other etailer websites as well.