Huge Listing of New Gentle Giant Pre-orders

Gentle Giant dropped a bunch of pre-orders on us last night from Star Wars, The Hobbit, Marvel and their new license, The Walking Dead.

Back on August 29th it was announced by Gentle Giant that they were changing up the Premier Guild membership Gamorrean Guard Jumbo figure by offering a Power of the Force card and coin to members while the originally announced Return of the Jedi version would be a wide release.  Now that release is up for pre-order.  Coming in at $85, he’s scheduled for a first quarter 2013 release.

Announced at Celebration VI was the Rocket Firing version of Boba Fett.  Also priced at $85 and schedule for early 2013, Boba Fett comes on with a Star Wars card back which even sports the “Exclusive Feature” card offer explaining the rocket firing feature.

Rounding out the Jumbo offerings is the Cantina Playset that was debuted at San Diego Comic-Con.  Priced at $89, the Cantina is being advertised as having a very low edition size even though final numbers have not been announced.  This is scheduled to ship in early 2013.

The final Star Wars release is the new Droopy McCool mini bust.  Priced at $70, Droopy is the first member of the Max Rebo Band to be offered for order.  Debuted at San Diego, Droopy will be joined by Sy Snootles and Max himself, who was debuted at Celebration VI.

Even though we don’t normally cover Marvel, we couldn’t post without also mentioning the excellent Avengers Iron Man bust that went up for order yesterday.  The deluxe bust is priced at $80 and it looks incredible.

Head over to Gentle Giant’s Blog to see the photos and get links to the order page for each of the new items listed.