Hot Toys The Last Jedi Praetorian Guard Pre-orders

Another debut from New York Comic Con were The Last Jedi Praetorian Guards. From promotion pics, Hasbro toys, and the trailers, we know that there are multiple helmet and weapons designs for the Praetorian Guards and Hot Toys has covered a couple versions with two releases; Praetorian Guard with Heavy Blade and Praetorian Guard with Double Blade.

The Praetorian Guard with Heavy Blade comes with several interchangeable hands and a stand. It also includes two styles of helmets. For weapons, it includes a heavy blade and two versions of the whip staff, one solid and one in extended mode.

The Double Blade figure has extra hand and a stand also. Of the two helmets, one is unique but the other appears to be the same as one of the helmets from the Heavy Blade release. This set comes with a single blade staff and a double blade staff that can be disconnected into two bladed weapons.

Both sets are $205 and scheduled to be released between July and September 2018.

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