Hot Toys Endor Princess Leia And Wicket Pre-order

Hot Toys showed off a new Endor version of Princess Leia two years ago and now she’s finally available for pre-order, along with her new friend Wicket. 

Princess Leia includes her Endor outfit with helmet, poncho, pistol, six interchangeable hands, and figure stand with bushes. Leia is priced at $228 with a scheduled delivery between July and September 2020.

Wicket comes with six interchangeable hands, spear, drumsticks, hood, and figure base with a rock accessory attached. The figure has layered fur around a body with 23 points of articulation. Also slated for release between July and September 2020, Wicket has an MSRP of $197.

Sideshow is offering a 2-pack bundle of Princess Leia and Wicket which comes with the same accessories and stands as the individual releases. Exclusive to the 2-pack are Stormtrooper and Death Star Trooper helmets for Wicket to play the drums with. The 2-pack is priced at $420.