Hasbro’s New York Comic Con 2019 Panel Wrap Up

Sunday afternoon during New York Comic Con, Hasbro held a panel to talk about the newly released toys for Triple Force Friday and make a few announcements for upcoming releases. We live-tweeted the panel and the thread with photos can be read on Twitter.

If you don’t want to browse over to Twitter, below is a recap of the photos and comments we sent out. A few have been edited for spelling errors.

All of the items that were announced are due by the end of the year. Some were available for online pre-order starting Monday, October 7th and more will be available starting November 1st. There were several questions asked during the Q&A at the end of the panel but we only covered a few of them that we thought would be of the most use, including that there’s no planned end in sight for The Vintage Collection, no new updates on a Black Series Zeb Orrelios, and no final decisions on how packaging will be handled with Hasbro’s zero plastic initiative. It was also asked if there were plans for another HasCon but they had nothing to announce.

It was also mentioned that Hasbro will be attending additional conventions this Fall and some more announcements will be made at those shows. There’s a photo in the slideshow below that lists all of the conventions Hasbro will attend.

One thing to note, when we were tweeting the panel we said that Hasbro was showing us the “new” Rise of Skywalker trailer but the footage shown was the same as was released at D23 and then online. Also, we know now that while Hasbro announced during the panel that The Vintage Collection Yavin Ceremony Leia would be number 150, currently released figures do not have that number. It remains to be seen if this will be corrected or if 150, originally slated to be the Darth Revan repack, will stay open for now.

  • #Hasbro #StarWars panel starting at 1:15 at #NYCC Also follow @swactionnews for a stream of the panel.
  • Introducing the team.
  • Showing the new Rise of Skywalker trailer.
  • Talking about Triple Force Friday. #Hasbro participating.
  • Ultimate D-O commercial
  • Ultimate D-O and more droids. Moving on to Scream Sabers. Record sounds, has 10 on-board sounds as well.
  • Galaxy of Adventures. Stylized figs with action features.
  • Just revealed Luke Skywalker with removable tunic. More releases in 2020
  • Skywalker Saga. Revealing for release next month. Next releases will be prequels. Sequel Trilogy due December
  • Showing new artwork mural.
  • Now The Vintage Collection. Showing releases for Triple Force Friday.
  • Vintage Collection vehicles. X-Wings and AT-ST from The Mandalorian.
  • Walmart exclusive Yavin Ceremony Luke Skywalker. New reveals. 2014 Black Series Jawa repack VC161, Leia Yavin Ceremony VC150. Shadowtrooper uses Rogue One sculpt with pauldron VC163
  • Sith Trooper VC162. New reveal Sith Trooper Armory Pack exclusive to Amazon VC162A. Final reveal, Cave of Evil 3-pack, Target exclusive.
  • Black Series next: Triple Force Friday lineup. Look at First Day of Issue
  • Carbonized exclusives. Jannah 98, Cara Dune 101, Target exclusive Elite Snowtrooper. GameStop Purge Trooper.
  • Target exclusive Rise of Skywalker C-3PO & Babu Frik. Babu has 6 points of articulation. C-3PO eyes change to red when exposed to cold.
  • New FX Elite Kylo Ren lightsaber. All new light effects including laser bolt deflection and wall/door melting.
  • Walmart exclusive Luke Skywalker w/ new cloak. New reveals: Force Spirit Yoda at Walmart. 99 First Order Jet Trooper. Wedge Antilles 102, ANH outfit. Shared retail exclusive Clone Commander Fox.
  • IG-11 with new bandolier at Best Buy. Chewbacca & C-3PO removable limbs from TESB. Additional leg plugs with wires on C-3PO, exclusive to Amazon. Last reveal, Incinerator Stormtrooper helmet.
  • European convention exclusive Luke Skywalker. Fan channel retailers will have it after November 4th. Black Series release will have Yavin medal.
  • New US and European packaging so figs can be sold on one packaging in all countries. Figs will have a slip of paper inserted in packaging. Also announcing Hasbro EU con appearances.
  • All shown Fall items will be available for pre-order starting Monday. Now moving to Q&A.
  • No plans to end The Vintage Collection any time soon.
  • No new updates for Zeb in the Black Series.
  • No news on future HasCon conventions.
  • Q on the value collection, 4 point of articulation figs, will be 4″ not 3.75″.
  • Q on no plastic in packaging. Three years to have it done, still working on how that will look.
  • That wraps up the panel. #Hasbro #StarWars #NYCC