Hasbro Star Wars Panel at SDCC Reveals New Releases

Hasbro held their annual San Diego Comic-Con panel from 3-4PM EST today and there were a few new announcements including some confirmations of rumors we’ve been hearing about for the past couple of months.

The list of announcements is below.  We’ll update later when Hasbro publishes photos.

Mission Series

  • IG-RM & Cikatro Vizago (Scar Face) Rebels
  • Wullffwarro & Wookiee Warrior Rebels
  • Wicket & Scout Trooper ROTJ
  • Bossk & IG-88 TESB

Saga Legends

  • AT-DP Pilot: Rebels
  • TIE Pilot: Rebels
  • Jedi Temple Guard: The Clone Wars
  • Commander Gree: The Clone Wars
  • AT-AT Driver: The Empire Strikes Back
  • Plo Koon: The Clone Wars


  • Imperial Troop Transport: Rebels
  • Hero Series X-Wing with electronics: Sam’s Club Exclusive
  • Hero Series Millennium Faclon: Walmart Exclusive
  • AT-DP Pilot & AT-DP: Target Exclusive
  • Kanan Jarrus & The Phantom: Target Exclusive
  • The Inquisitor & TIE Fighter Prototype: Target Exclusive

Black Series 6″

  • TIE Pilot
  • Han Solo in Stormtrooper armor
  • Clone Trooper Sergeant Phase I
  • Bossk
  • Luke Skywalker & Wampa
  • Han Solo & Tauntaun
  • Emperor Palpatine
  • Shadow Trooper: Target Exclusive
  • Shadow Biker Scout & Speeder Bike: Target Exclusive

Black Series 3.75″

  • Yavin Ceremony Princess Leia
  • Desert Armor Commander Wolffe
  • Captain Rex
  • Commander Doom: The Clone Wars
  • Chewbacca Ceremonial
  • Dabogah Darth Vader w/ hole in helmet
  • Jon “Dutch” Vanders

12″ Figures

  • Rebels 6-pack: Target Exclusive