Gentle Giant September Pre-Orders: JUMBO Jumbo

If you like Gentle Giant’s line of Jumbo Retro figures, vintage Kenner figures and have lots of space, and extra spending money, you need to check out their new life-size Stormtrooper Vintage Monument.

Priced at $2,300, the 6 foot tall monument looks just like a vintage Stormtrooper by Kenner.  The monument includes a scaled up blaster and even has the standard articulation!  The Stormtrooper Vintage Monument is scheduled for a 3rd quarter 2014 release.

If the 1:6 scale is more your speed, you can also no place your order for the Jumbo Retro Rebel Soldier.  He’ll come with the classic The Empire Strikes Back card insert and will include a blaster.  Priced at a more modest $85 (direct from Gentle Giant), the limited edition figure is also scheduled for the 3rd quarter next year.