Gentle Giant Announces 2017 Convention Exclusives

With Star Wars Celebration Orlando just a week away, Gentle Giant has announced two exclusives for the convention which will also be shared with San Diego Comic-Con later in the year.

Mini bust fans can pick up Han Solo based on concept artwork by Ralph McQuarrie.  If you’re a fan of the Jumbo Retro Line, there will be a boxed Dianoga which includes foam trash just like the vintage Kenner Death Star playset did.

Premier Guild members will have three opportunities to pre-order the exclusives this week. Starting on Wednesday at 1:00pm EST, Platinum PG members will be allowed to order. Thursday at 1:00 Platinum and Gold member orders open and on Friday, Platinum, Gold, and Silver PG members can order.

There will be amounts of both exclusives allotted for each pre-order window.  The exclusives will ship after the convention, there are no pre-orders for pick-up at Celebration.

If you haven’t signed up for the Premier Guild yet, and want to pre-order either item this week, head over to Gentle Giant’s website and join today