G.I. Joe Club Announces Figure Subscription Service 4 Figures & Club Exclusives

GI Joe 2015 Convention logoEven though the Figure Subscription Service (FSS) round 3 hasn’t wrapped up yet, today, at the G.I. Joe Convention, the Club announced the figures that will be in FSS 4.  They also spoke about several store exclusives and the 2016 membership releases.

Figure Subscription Service 4

While the 13th figure wasn’t named, as is Club policy, the 12 regular release figures were all named.  There weren’t any photos of the figures, but it shouldn’t be too long before the Club posts preliminary artwork.

  • G.I. Joe Bunker Buster, Code Name: Barricade
  • Cobra Commander’s Son, Code Name: Billy Arbco
  • G.I. Joe Intervention Specialist, Code Name: Bullhorn
  • Cobra Information Extractor, Code Name: Interrogator
  • G.I. Joe Military Police & K-9, Code Name: Law & Order
  • Cobra Battle Android Trooper Code Name: Inferno B.A.T.
  • G.I. Joe Ninja Commando, Code Name: Nunchuck
  • Ice Ninja Night Creeper
  • G.I. Joe Jungle Assault Specialist, Code Name: Pathfinder
  • Z-Force Communications, Code Name: Calvin “Jammer” Mondale
  • Tiger Force Advanced Recondo, Code Name: Sneak Peek
  • Tiger Force Survival Specialist, Code Name: Outback

It looks as if the Club is trying to finish off the Tiger Force collections as we had two figures in FSS 3 and this year’s convention set is Tiger Force themed.  We’re particularly looking forward to Billy and Z-Force Jammer.  However, as with FSS 2, we’re a little disappointed in the lack of female figures.

2015 Club Exclusives


It was announced on the Transformers Club Facebook page late last year that they’d offer a 2015 exclusive set of Marissa Faireborn and Afterburner.  Marissa is the first human character released by the Transformers Club and she’s based on a G.I. Joe figure sculpt while Afterburner is a re-paint of the G.I. Joe Retaliation Wheel Blaster motorcycle that came with Firefly. Today during the Club panel it was revealed that the set will be a crossover exclusive available to both the Transformers and G.I. Joe Clubs.

Along with this set, a second set will include Old Snake and two Stealth B.A.T.S. which are repaints of the Transformers Prime Soundwave figure.

The third item is strictly Joe, a Wave Crusher with Sub Viper driver.

More details and pricing on these will be available later.


For 1:6 scale collectors, the Club will offer two more figures in their Lost Talker series, Action Sailor and Pilot.  Both figures will feature digital talkers and include new phrases that weren’t available with the vintage releases.

2016 Membership

The 2016 memberships will again come in both 3.75″ and 12″ flavors and both will have add-on accessory sets available.

The 3.75″ membership figure will be the Cobra-La Emissary Pythona.  The add-on set will be Dreadnok mechanic Heartwrencher with the Dreadnok Ground Assault 4-WD.

Fans of the 12″ figures should be excited with next year’s offering; Mike Power the Atomic Man!  He’ll have two bionic legs and an electronic eye.  The add-on will be Field Mission Alpha which will include an outfit and accessories to send Mike Power on a fun adventure.

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