Fighter Pods – Republic Drop Ship

Fighter Pods Republic Drop Ship
Republic Drop Ship

Series 2 sets of Hasbro’s new Fighter Pods line have been popping up at the local Walmart and yesterday we spotted the new Republic Drop Shop and BARC Speeder Bike & Pirate Speeder Bike 12-packs. They also had new Series 2 bagged 2-packs in a display on the shelf. Previously, the local store had gotten in some of the Imperial Shuttle and X-Wing Fighter 8-packs.

Of course, we had to have the Drop Ship set, but we also snagged a couple bagged sets. The new clear figures in these sets are really fun, and not only did we score Yoda and Aayla in the 12-pack, but also in one of the 2-packs. Probably won’t be collecting a lot of these, but they are fun and the game is interesting. We’re Looking forward to the upcoming Republic Gunsip launcher that was announced at SDCC this weekend.