Entertainment Earth Exclusive Astromech Droid Pack

Entertainment Earth teased a set of exclusive figures the other day and now, at SDCC, they’ve announced the set: Astromech Droid Pack.  The set includes six droids from Return of the Jedi and The Clone Wars. The set is available now for pre-order, shipping in November. The set is $79.99.

From Return of the Jedi is Jabba’s Bartender. Jabba’s bartender comes with a drink dispenser, tray and glasses.  The other five droids are from The Clone Wars and include R7-F5, QT-KT (Aayla’s droid), R7-D4 (Plo Koon’s droid), R2-A5, and R2-C2 who also comes with a drink dispenser and tray for serving in Ziro the Hutt’s place.