Droid Factory Cancelled?

Hasbro LogoBack on December 11th, Hasbro announced that they were carrying the Vintage Collection into 2013 with what appeared to be three cases of 2012 product.  At the time, we speculated that the new Droid Factory figures would be pushed until later in the year to coincide with the 3D releases of Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith.

Now it appears that the Droid Factory line, as originally laid out at Celebration VI, has been cancelled.  A listing of DPCI numbers from a Target computer shows that “Star Wars Droid Factory Figs” have been discontinued.  Following that, other online sites have posted that the word from Hasbro is the line has been cancelled and that we’d see the figures originally scheduled for the Droid Factory line released in a new manner.

We don’t know yet if this means the Droid Factory theme has been completely scrapped or if it will be revived in a different way.  We also don’t know what the plans are for after the 2012 Vintage Collection figures ship.  Walmart planograms have been found showing peg space for Vintage, Clone Wars and Legends (Movie Heroes) which would indicate they, at least, were still anticipating going forward with three figure lines as late as December 30th.

Hasbro has been quiet on this change so far and it’s likely we won’t have more information until Toy Fair which is scheduled for February.  It’s possible some info will leak from the UK Toy Fair, held later this month, but for now it’s mostly a guessing game.