The Black Series Checklist

The Black Series 6″

Assortment A4301: MSRP $19.99

01Luke Skywalker X-WingANH1
02Darth MaulTPM1
05Slave LeiaROTJ2
06Boba FettTESB2
08Han SoloANH2
Boba Fett w/ Han Solo in CarboniteTESBSDCC Exclusive
Anakin SkywalkerROTS
Obi-Wan KenobiROTS3
Luke Skywalker Bespin FatuguesTESB3
Speederbike & Scout TrooperROTJ

The Black Series 3.75″

Assortment A5077: MSRP $9.99

01Padme AmidalaAOTC1
02Clone Trooper SergeantAOTC1
03Anakin SkywalkerAOTC1
04Biggs DarklighterANH1
05Luke Skywalker (Yavin Ceremony)ANH1
06Darth VaderTESB1
07Biker ScoutROTJ1
08Clone PilotAOTC1
11Luminara Unduli2
1241st Elite Corps Clone Trooper2
14Mara JadeEU2
16Commander NeyoROTS3
18Darth PlagueisEU3
19Mace WinduTCW3

Legacy Collection Droid Factory Exclusive sold as a set for $59.99

SandtrooperANHTC-70 Right Arm1
FA-4AOTCTC-70 Left Leg1
Sun FacAOTCTC-70 Head1
Battle DroidROTSTC-70 Right Leg1
Black Squadron TIE PilotANHTC-70 Left Arm1
212th Battalion Clone TrooperROTSTC-70 Torso1


The Black Series was officially announced by Hasbro on January 29th when a USA Today article confirmed the new 6″ series of action figures.  It wasn’t until Toy Fair, on February 9th, that it was also announced the 3.75″ line would be called The Black Series.  A timeline of the information is listed below for quick reference.

Hasbro also announced the Mission Series and return of Saga Legends during Toy Fair.  Both lines have figures with 5 points of articulation (POA) or less, depending on character, and will have a lower price point.  The new Darth Vader packaging for these lines will also be used on vehicles, Battle Packs, role play and other releases.  Items in this packaging will be tracked in their own checklist, Saga Legends and Mission Series.

Vintage Collection packaged items, which, as of September 2013, only include exclusive store releases, will continue to be tracked in the Vintage Collection checklist.

The Amazon exclusive wave of Legacy Collection Droid Factory figures is listed in this checklist but we will update the Legacy Collection Build-a-Droid Part Matrix to include this new line.

Timeline of 2013 Announcements

January 7, 2013: Hasbro officially announces cancellation of Legacy Collection Droid Factory line.

January 26, 2013: UK Toy Fair showed off new Darth Vader packaging to be used on Saga Legends and Mission Series figures, vehicles and other releases.

January 29, 2013: The Black Series 6″ figures confirmed via a USA Today article.

February 9, 2013: First official announcement of 3.75″ The Black Series line during Toy Fair presentation.

February 9, 2013: First official announcement of 3.75″ Saga Legends line with 5 points of articulation (POA) and lower price point (MSRP $5.99).

July 2013: Saga Legends, Mission Series and The Black Series begin to show up at retail.