Sideshow Collectibles 1:6 Checklist

CharacterFilmYearEX EditionEditionLineEX PricePriceExclusive Item
Luke Skywalker (Jedi Knight)ROTJ200612506500OotJ$49.99Skiff Guard Blaster
Anakin SkywalkerROTS200617507000OotJ$54.99Holographic Darth Sidious
Obi-Wan KenobiROTS200617507500OotJ$49.99General Grievous Blaster
Kit FistoAOTC200612505000OotJ$54.99Battle Droid head
Han Solo BespinTESB200620008000HotR$54.99Mynock
Mace WinduROTS200617507500OotJ$47.99Jango Fett's Helmet
Qui-Gon JinnTPM200620007500OotJ$49.99Poncho
Darth Vader Sith Apprentice (Anakin)ROTS20066000LotS$54.99SDCC
Darth MaulTPM2006INCL9000LotS$54.99Damaged saber hilt
Sith Probe Droid Expansion PackTPM2006INCL4000LotS$24.99Desert sand display base
Jabba the HuttROTJ2007INCL4000S&V$119.99Ornate toasting cup
Jabba ThroneROTJ20074200Env$199.99
Salacious Crumb Creature PackROTJ2007INCL4500S&V$32.99Dwarf Varactyl
Bib FortunaROTJ200625005000S&V$54.99Ceremonial Staff
Princess Leia as BoushhROTJ200725006500HotR$59.99Ubese blaster pistol
Plo KoonAOTC200715005500OotJ$59.99Twin bladed lightsaber gauntlet
Endor Rebel InfantryROTJ20074500MoSW$59.99
Endor Striker Force BundleROTJ2007MoSW$179.97
Endor Rebel Commando SergeantROTJ20073200MoSW$59.99
Endor Rebel Commando Pathfinder - Nik SantROTJ20073200MoSW$59.99
Asajj VentressTCW200720005000LotS$59.99Alternate head
Buboicullaar Creature PackROTJ200715003000S&V$39.99Scratching womp rat
Dejarik HolochessANH200712503000Env$49.99Extra holochess pieces
Princess LeiaANH200719775000HotR$54.99Wrist binders
Luke Skywalker (Yavin Ceremony)ANH20076000HotR$54.99CIV
Obi-Wan KenobiANH200819775000OotJ$59.99Holographic Leia Transmission
Darth Sidious w/ Mechno-chairTPM20075000LotS$39.99SDCC
Padme IlumTCW20083500HotR$54.99
Luke Skywalker (Bespin)TESB200719805000HotR$54.99Auto-tourniquet
Darth Sidious & PalpatineROTS200820003000LotS$119.99Sith statue
Commander PrajiANH20083000MoSW$59.99
Han SoloANH200819773000HotR$64.99Cantina Blaster Pistol
Luke Skywalker (Tatooine)ANH200819772500HotR$69.99Floppy Hat & Goggles
General Obi-Wan KenobiTCW200815003500OotJ$89.99ARC Trooper holo
Aayla SecuraAOTC20093000OotJ$64.99SDCC
Darth VaderANH200919776500LotS$124.99Force Choke hand
StormtrooperANH200915006000MoSW$89.99Stormtrooper Blaster Pistol
Rebel Fleet TrooperANH20083500MoSW$69.99
Captain AntillesANH20092500MoSW$69.99
212th Attack Battalion Utapau Clone TrooperROTS200915002500MoSW$89.99212th Battalion Stand
Han Solo in CarboniteROTJ20092000Env$199.99
Stormtrooper CommanderEU200910001500MoSW$89.99Commander Stand
Obi-Wan KenobiAOTC200910001500OotJ$69.99Kamino Dart
Admiral PiettTESB20091500MoSW$69.99
Sandtrooper (White Pauldron)ANH200910003000MoSW$109.99Hand w/ Droid Part
Lando CalrissianTESB20097501500HotR$79.99Bespin Communicator
Han & Luke in Stormtrooper ArmorANH20092000HotR$189.99SDCC
Imperial Shock TrooperROTS20097502500MoSW$89.99Shock Trooper Stand
Anakin SkywalkerTCW20107501500HotR$99.99$89.99Rotta the Hutt
Grand Admiral ThrawnEU20097501500MoSW$224.99$79.99Command Chair
Clone TrooperAOTC20102500MoSW$89.99
Sandtrooper Squad Leader (Orange Pauldron)ANH20103500MoSW$109.99
Sandtrooper Corporal (Black Pauldron)ANH20103000MoSW$109.99Retailer
Coruscant Clone Trooper (41st Elite)ROTS20106502500MoSW$89.99$89.9941st Elite Corps Stand
Emperor PalpatineROTJ20101000LotS$94.99$89.99Alternate head
Imperial ThroneROTJ20102500Env$139.99
GreedoANH20107501977S&V$94.99$89.99Han Wanted Poster
Mos Eisley CantinaANH2010Env$89.99
501st Legion: Vader's Fist Clone TrooperROTS2010750MoSW$89.99$89.99501st Legion Stand
Clone Trooper LieutenantAOTC20101000MoSW$89.99SDCC
Captain RexTCW20117503000MoSW$124.99$124.99Captain Rex Stand
Gamorrean GuardROTJ20113500S&V$119.99
Momaw Nadon (Hammerhead)ANH20118501500S&V$124.99$119.99Ithorian Staff
Mos Eisley Cantina - Nadon's NookANH2011Env$89.99
Yoda's HutTESB2011Env$274.99
Commander CodyAOTC201110005000MoSW$124.99$124.99Stand
Blackhole StormtrooperEU2010MoSW$89.99Retailer
Boil, Waxer and NumaTCW20115001500MoSW$224.99$224.99Numa's tooka doll and arm
Gartogg - Gamorrean GuardROTJ2011S&V$119.99
Jabba's Palace ArchwayROTJ2011750Env$139.99
Figrin D'anANH2011S&V$99.99
Clone Sergeant - Phase 1AOTC20112500MoSW$89.99
Sandtrooper - Desert Sands DetachmentANH2011MoSW$134.99
Clone Commander - Phase 1AOTC2011MoSW$89.99SDCC
Commander BlyROTS20115005000MoSW$124.99$124.99327th Star Corps base
Commander GreeROTS201110005000MoSW$124.99$124.99Elite Corps base
Battle Droids 2-packTPM20125005000MoSW$119.00$119.001138 Backpack
Mos Eisley Cantina - Band NookANH2012750Env$249.99
S.T.A.P. and Battle DroidTPM20122500MoSW$174.99
IG-88TESB20127502500S&V$174.99$174.99Vibro Axe
Boba FettTESB20122000LES&V$174.99$174.99Stand w/ Firespray Logo
Battle Droid: PilotTPMMoSW
Battle Droid: Security 2-packTPMMoSW$129.99
OOM-9 Battle Droid CommanderTPM2012MoSW$64.99Sideshow
Battle Droid: GeonosisAOTCMoSW
Battle Droid Commander: GeonosisAOTCMoSW
General GrievousROTSS&V$249.99$249.99Battle Damaged Mask
Super Battle Droid
Probe DroidTESB
Commander BacaraROTS201210005000MoSW$134.99$134.9921st Nova Corp Galactic Marines base
Utapau Shadow TrooperEU20111500MoSW$89.99
Tedn D'hai & Nalan Cheel 2-packANH20121200$134.99Retailer
Tech Mor & Doikk NatsANH2012$159.99SDCC
Holiday YodaEU2011LE$74.99
Obi-Wan Kenobi: Jedi PadawanTPM2013OotJ$149.99$149.99Lightsaber Duel Portrait
442nd Siege Battalion Clone TrooperROTS20122600MoSW$89.99
Republic Clone CaptainAOTC20122500MoSW$89.99
BosskTESB201312503000S&V$159.99$159.99Snarling' Bossk head
Tusken RaiderANH201212503000S&V$134.99$134.99Gaffi Stick w/ gun stock
Darth Maul CyborgEU
Captain Rex Phase IITCW
Airborne Trooper (Utapau)ROTS201210003000MoSW$134.99$134.99Parjai Squad stand
Commander NeyoROTS201210003000MoSW$134.99$134.9991st Reconnaissance Corps stand
Commander GanchEU2012LEMoSW$130.00CVI
Darth VaderROTJ$249.99$249.99Severed Gauntlet & Hand
SnowtrooperTESB201315003500MoSW$149.99$149.99Kenner style Heavy Blaster
Commander FoxTCW2012LEMoSW$124.99SDCC
E-Web Heay Repeating BlasterTESB20132000$149.99
Darth MalgusTOR$184.99$184.99Unscarred Head
YodaROTS2013OotJ$99.99$99.99Holocron Cube
Commander WolffeTCW2014MoSW$159.99$159.99Wolfpack Stand
Clone Trooper Deluxe 501stAOTC2014MoSW$139.99
Clone Trooper Deluxe VeteranAOTC2014MoSW$139.99
Clone Trooper Deluxe ShinyAOTC2014MoSW$139.99
Clone Trooper Deluxe 212thAOTC2014MoSW$139.99Sideshow
Boba Fett PrototypeEU2014S&V$179.99$179.99SW Beach Towel & Stand
Clone Troopers: Echo and FivesTCW2014MoSW$199.99
Luke Skywalker (Echo Base)TESB2015
Han Solo (Hoth)TESB2015$199.99Sideshow Brown coat & extra portrait
Han Solo (Hoth)TESB2015$199.99Sideshow Blue coat & extra portrait
Han Solo (Hoth)TESB2015$199.99Brown coat
Jango FettAOTC2015
R2-D22015$149.99$149.993 extra utility arms
Wolfpack Clone Trooper 104th BattalionTCW2014MoSW$149.99$149.99Wolfpack stand
Cad Bane in Denal DisguiseTCW2015MoSW$149.99$149.99Denal 501st stand
ARC Clone Trooper EchoTCW2015MoSW$149.99$149.99Echo stand
ARC Clone Trooper FivesTCW2015MoSW$149.99$149.99Fives stand
Bomb Squad Clone Trooper: Ordnance SpecialistTCW2015MoSW$149.99$149.99Bomb Squad Stand
C-3PO2016$229.99$229.99Damaged shoulder
Luke Skywalker X-WIng PilotTESB2015$239.99$239.99Ungloved hands & glove accessory
Scout TrooperROTJ2015$189.99$189.99E-11 Long Rifle
Speeder BikeROTJ2015$299.99$299.99Araech 74-Z specification card w/ stand
TIE Fighter PilotANH2015$199.99$199.99Kenner style blaster pistol
Darth Vader (McQuarrie Concept)
Jawa 2-packANH$219.99
AT-AT DriverTESB2016$209.99$209.99Kenner style blaster rifle
Darth Maul***TPM$239.99$239.99Severed lightsaber
Boba Fett ***TESB2016$199.99
Imperial Probe Droid ***TESB2016$249.99
Darth Vader ***ROTJ$229.99
Luke Skywalker Snowspeeder PilotTESB
E-Web Heavy Repeating Blaster ***TESB2000$159.99
Boba Fett (McQuarrie Concept)
Stormtrooper (McQuarrie Concept)
IG-88 ***TESB2000$215.00Sideshow
Bossk ***TESB2000$210.00Sideshow
Han Solo in CarboniteTESB$249.99


Order and Sorting

When the checklist page first loads, the list is roughly sorted by original pre-order and release date.  The table can be custom sorted by character name, movie, release or any other column header.

A shortcoming of the table is that it sorts numbers based on the left most digit so $100 would come before $11.  If an update to the plugin becomes available, or an option can be changed to update this, we will.

Release Year

All release years are based on first reports of items being delivered.  It’s possible that some items shipped at the end of a year did arrive before 12/31, but reports appeared after the holiday and we based the checklist on those dates.  This may have affected only 1 or 2 items.



  • ANH: A New Hope
  • AOTC: Attack of the Clones
  • EU: Expanded Universe
  • RO: Rogue One
  • ROTJ: Return of the Jedi
  • ROTS: Revenge of the Sith
  • TCW: The Clone Wars (both Micro and Animated series)
  • TESB: The Empire Strikes Back
  • TFA: The Force Awakens
  • TOR: The Old Republic (Video Game)
  • TPM: The Phantom Menace


  • Env: Environment
  • HotR: Heroes of the Rebellion
  • LotS: Lords of the Sith
  • MoSW: Militaries of Star Wars
  • OotJ: Order of the Jedi
  • S&V: Scum and Villainy


  • SDCC: San Diego Comic-Con
  • CIV: Star Wars Celebration IV
  • CVI: Star Wars Celebration VI


Prices listed are original retail prices direct from Sideshow.  In the case of exclusives that had lower prices for items picked up at an event vs items shipped, we list the lower price.

For items that were exclusively sold by retailers, we based our price on Razor’s Edge Collectibles.


Starting with Darth Maul in October 2015, Sideshow has re-released several characters that are similar to their original release. Changes include the accessories, stands or the assortment of interchangeable hands.

Change History

Updated on 2/20/2013 to break the checklist into year of release and move announced, but unreleased and not yet available for pre-order items to their own section.

Updated on 9/14/2013 to update data in the checklist and move to the new TablePress format.