Celebration VI Patch Collecting

Patches are a staple at Celebrations and this year was a banner year, there were at least five puzzle sets along with several excellent releases in the Celebration Store.  But the individual fans really stepped up this year and knocked it out of the park.

I was honored to be one of the people with a patch to hand out or trade away and I picked up some really cool patches in return.  Elvis Trooper had a 10th anniversary patch, Jason West had a new Mad Brownz offering (and pin! more on that later), the Mandalorian Mercs celebrated five years and Chewie’s Cargo Net teamed with Yoda’s Holonet to offer a nice 2-character patch.

The DC Star Wars Collecting Club, besides being part of the Fan Club patch, also offered a really cool Millennium Falcon shaped puzzle patch made up with pieces that represented seven of the club member’s own websites.  The Fan Clubs had an animated style movie poster in six pieces and six Fan Sites joined on what was referred to as the Death Star patch.

The Celebration Store had the official Celebration VI patch along with several clever pieces, including Bossk’s Bail Bonds and Jabba’s Palace Maintenance.

Check out the photos below to take a look at just some of the patches we picked up over the weekend at Star Wars Celebration VI.