Celebration VI Art Show Update – Chris Trevas & Christian Waggoner

Update: Two more prints were posted this morning; Chris Trevas and Christian Waggoner. Chris Trevas brings us a fun look at Princess Leia and Han Solo from Return of the Jedi in “His Vision Returns,” while Waggoner puts a new spin on his Reflections artwork with Boba Fett “On The Hunt For The Great Chewbacca.”

Six new artists debuted their prints for Celebration VI on StarWars.com yesterday. Included in this round were Joe Corroney, Carlos Garzon, Eric Maell, Mark McHaley, Brian Rood and Doug Wheatley.

There are about 12 artists left to be shown and a few that have yet to announced a price and/or edition size. Head over to the Art Show page prices and photos for all the previews.