104th Battalion Wolfpack Clone Trooper Pre-Order

Sideshow Wolfpack Clone Trooper

When Sideshow added the preview images of the Wolfpack Clone Trooper this week, they told us the price would be $149.99 for both the regular and exclusive releases.  Now that both are up for pre-order, we find that the price is only $139.99 each!  Not sure if they goofed the tease or decided on a price break but either way, that’s a good deal for this figure which includes multiple hands, extra feet, two backpacks and blasters.  The exclusive version will come with a Wolfpack themed stand while the regular release does not.

Both figures are due out in November and have payment plans available for them.  Head over to Sideshow’s website and pick them up today, they’ll make an excellent addition to Commander Wolffe if you picked him up.