Disney Carbon-Freeze Me

Carbon-Freeze Me
Carbon-Freeze Me

Back when rumors of the Disney Build-a-Droid program were leaking out, another promotion for Star Wars Weekends was also mentioned; custom action figures that you could buy with your likeness on them. Now, StarWars.com has posted information about this program called Carbon-Freeze Me.

Starting during Star Wars Weekends, on May 18th, you can reserve a spot to have your face scanned and your likeness will be added to an 8-inch tall figure frozen in carbonite, just like Han Solo from The Empire Strikes Back. To order one figure it will be $99.95 but additional figures can be ordered for $74.95. The package also includes a light-up wristband with the Imperial logo on it.

Full details, including the number to call for a scanning reservation, can be found on StarWars.com. Registration opened yesterday.

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