Celebration VI Store Pricing & Photos

The Celebration VI website updated with photos of most of the store merchandise yesterday but they didn’t link the items to prices.  We posted a pricing list last week but we’re updating today with a price list that links to the store photos.

There are a couple of photos still missing but we’re hoping they fill in over the next few days.


Admiral Ackbar 2012 Election T-Shirt $30.00
Bantha Meat diagram BBQ Apron $20.00
Bib Fortuna Baby Bib $15.00
Biker Scout Polo Shirt $45.00
Blue Harvest Logo Cap $25.00
Bossk Bail Bonds T-Shirt $30.00
Celebration VI Darth Vader Zip-up Hoodie $60.00
Celebration VI Kid’s Hat $20.00
Celebration VI Logo Hat $25.00
Celebration VI Logo Shirt $30.00
Cup O’ Jawa T-Shirt $30.00
Darth Maul Tiki T-Shirt $30.00
Darth Vader Celebration VI Logo T-Shirt $30.00
Galactic Games Gym Shorts $30.00
Galactic Games T-Shirt $30.00
How to Draw R2-D2 T-Shirt $30.00
Jabba the Hutt Knit Hat $25.00
Jabba’s Palace Maintenance Workman Shirt $60.00
Join the Party T-Shirt $30.00
Kids Chewbacca “Laugh It Up, Fuzzball” T-Shirt $20.00
Kids Star Wars Alphabet T-Shirt Bounty Hunters $20.00
Kids Star Wars Alphabet T-Shirt Princess Leia $20.00
Luke Skywalker Celebration VI Logo T-Shirt $30.00
Mace Windu Celebration VI Logo T-Shirt $30.00
Men’s “I Love You” T-Shirt $30.00
Mos Eisley Spaceport T-Shirt $30.00
Palpatine/Vader 2012 Election T-Shirt $30.00
R2-D2 Baby Body Suit & Cap Set $25.00
R2-D2 Pullover Hoodie $60.00
Retro Female Stormtrooper $30.00
Return of the Jedi Concept Art T-Shirt $30.00
Star Wars Tiki Hawaiian Shirt $60.00
Star Wars Tiki Kids T-Shirt $20.00
Tatooine Stamp Art T-Shirt $30.00
The Droids You’re Looking For T-Shirt $30.00
TIE Fighter Tie Dye T-Shirt $35.00
Toddler Star Wars Alphabet T-Shirt $20.00
VaderAde T-Shirt $30.00
Women’s “I Know” T-Shirt $30.00
Women’s Alderaan Stamp Art $30.00
Women’s Galactic Princess T-Shirt $35.00
Women’s Hula Leia tiki T-Shirt $30.00
Women’s Retro Han Solo T-Shirt $30.00
Women’s Star Wars Alphabet T-Shirt $30.00
Retro ‘On Demand’ Heat Press T-Shirts n/a
Retro ‘On Demand’ Scren Printed T-Shirts n/a

Giftware & Novelty

“Join the Party” Magnet $6.00
Admiral Ackbar 2012 Election Bumper Sticker $4.00
Blue Harvest Logo Patch $8.00
Bossk Bail Bonds Bumper Sticker $4.00
Bossk Bail Bonds Patch $8.00
Darth Vader Lightsaber Pewter Sculpted Keychain $8.00
Death Star Paper Lantern $10.00
Galactic Games “There Is No Try” Patch $8.00
Imperial Corporate Logo Journal $20.00
Imperial Corporate Logo Patch $8.00
Jabba’s Palace Maintenance Patch $8.00
Jar Jar Binks Plush Whoopee Cushion $20.00
Luke Skywalker Bacta Tank Floaty Pen $10.00
Luke Skywalker Lightsaber Pewter Sculpted Keychain $8.00
Minti-chlorians Breath Mints $6.00
Mos Eisley Space Port Patch $8.00
Palpatine/Vader 2012 Election Bumper Sticker $4.00
Retro Slave Leia Beach Towel $34.00
Stamp Art Magnet Set $12.00
Stamp Art Travel Journal $25.00
Star Wars Alphabet Sticker Sheets $12.00
Star Wars Celebration VI Logo Patch $8.00
Vintage Empire Strikes Back Action Figure Case Art Magnet $10.00
Vintage Return of the Jedi “Heroes” Metal Magnet $6.00
Vintage Return of the Jedi “Villains” Metal Magnet $6.00
Vintage Return of the Jedi 6 Button Set $12.00
Vintage Return of the Jedi Action Figure Case Art Magnet $10.00
Vintage Star Wars Action Figure Case Art Magnet $10.00
Custom Acrylic Star Wars Alphabet Keychains n/a

Prints, Posters & Signs

Celebration VI “Join the Party” Poster $10.00
Celebration VI Commemorative Program $20.00
Celebration VI Postcard Set $12.00
Commemorative 17-Piece Celebration VI Badge Set $60.00
Retro Slave Leia Limited Edition Lithograph $65.00
Retro Star Wars Art 12 Month 2013 Calendar $25.00
Star Wars Alphabet Poster $10.00
Star Wars Tiki Art Poster $10.00


Cup O’ Jawa Coffee Mug $12.00
Darth Maul Tiki Shot Glass $8.00
Mos Eisley Spaceport Pint Glass $10.00
Retro Luke and Tauntaun “Hoth Chocolate” Mug $10.00
Star Wars Tiki Art 6 Coaster Set $16.00
Star Wars Tiki Bottle Opener $10.00
VaderAde Water Bottle $12.00


“Cruise the Galaxy” Retro Travel Bag $55.00
Galactic Games Gym Bag $15.00
Imperial Corporate Logo Laptop Bag $50.00
Vintage Return of the Jedi Art Canvas tote Bag $15.00


Basket of Baby Ewoks (1 each of 4 colors) $50.00
Celebration VI Official Show Lanyard $10.00
Collectible Darth Bane 6-inch Resin Maquette (Saturday) $65.00
Collectible Death Trooper 6-inch Resin Maquette (Sunday) $65.00
Collectible Mara Jade 6-inch Resin Maquette (Thursday) $65.00
Collectible Quinlan Vos 6-inch Resin Maquette (Friday) $65.00
Darth Vader & Stormtrooper Salt & Pepper Shakers $20.00
Gamorrean Guard Ceramic Piggy Bank $30.00
Limited Edition Deluxe Pin 1 – Chewbacca & Yoda $40.00
Limited Edition Deluxe Pin 2 – Darth Vader & C-3PO $40.00
Limited Edition Deluxe Pin 3 – R2-d2 & Jawa $40.00
Limited Edition Deluxe Pin 4 – Leia & Clone Trooper $40.00
Official CVI Show Pin – Darth Vader $8.00
Official CVI Show Pin – Luke Skywalker $8.00
Official CVI Show Pin – Mace Windu $8.00
Official CVI Show Pin – Yoda $8.00
Sideshow 1/6 Scale Clone Commander Ganch Figure $130.00
Star Wars Tiki Pin Boxed Set $60.00
Talking Admiral Ackbar Plush $30.00
Tauntaun Hobby Horse $30.00
Vintage Reproduction Plush Baby Ewok (four color options) $15.00
Celebration VI Custom-Engravings n/a
Custom Acrylic Star Wars Alphabet Luggage Tags n/a
Star Wars Acrylic Dry Erase Board n/a


There were two items on the original price list that don’t seem to be posted anymore; Endor Camo Rain Poncho ($8.00) and Lightsaber Dueling Association shirt ($30.00).

According to the price list, there is also a deal if you buy the “I Love You” and “I Know” shirts together ($50.00).